Friday, February 15, 2013

OPI's Is that Silva? Manicure

Is that Silva? Magnetic Nail Polish

from OPI's Skyfall 007 Collection

Is that Silva? - photo taken in sunlight

Is that Silva? - photo taken in sunlight

Look at the reflection coming off those holographic particles!  Wow!  This is a really pretty holographic and magnetic polish, which makes a great combination.  You can see the rainbow of colors reflecting off the particles in any light, but it's more vibrant and brighter in sunlight and night time lighting.  In daylight, indoors they appear to reflect mostly silver.  This set comes with a magnetizer, but I had a hard time with it, so I used Nail Inc's magnet instead.  The process to obtain this look is a little different than other magnetic polishes I have tried and since I found OPI's directions didn't work well,  I'll outline what I found to work here:
  1. Paint on two base coats of Orly's Bonder or Manicure Keeper on all nails.
  2. Paint on one coat of Is it Silva? on all nails and let it dry for five minutes.
  3. Paint one nail with Is it Silva? and then add another coat immediately after, but a heavy coat.  
  4. Quickly place the magnetic over your nail using the cuticle guide to get as close as you can to the nail without touching it.  Hold for 3 seconds and quickly remove. Repeat steps 3 & 4 on the rest of the nails, one by one.
  5. Wait an hour for the nails to dry.  Do not touch them, not even to check if they are dry. 
  6. Apply a heavy coat of Poshe top coat.
  7. Let dry for 15 minutes before touching anything and do not touch them during that time, not even to check if they are dry.
  8. Admire your nails!
I also recommend practicing, if you haven't tried magnetic polish before.  The reason for step 2:  the Is that Silvia? polish is so sheer, I found it needed one coat dried before continuing with the normal steps for magnetic polish.  The reason for step 5:  I tried applying a top coat of Seche Vite after 5 minutes dry time and it made the dark grey a lighter grey color and smeared the lines the magnet made.  Seche Vite works on my Nails Inc magnetic polish after just five minutes dry time, so it was strange that it had a bad effect on the OPI version.  I also noticed that when I touched them to see if they were dry, it would smear the lines!  The reason for step 6: I tried Seche Vite after 60 minutes dry time and it smeared the lines.   So I tried Posche after 60 minutes dry time and it did not alter the polish at all.  Previously, I found the top coat Out the Door smeared my Nails Inc magnetic polish.  What top coat have you found to work on your magnetic polish?

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