Monday, December 31, 2012

Manicure Featuring Makeup Cherimoya Nail Polish

Manicure Featuring Nail Polish from Nail Art Society

Cherimoya Mystery & Blockbuster mixed with a dotting tool creating a marble design

Left to Right - without a topcoat, with 5 crystals, with matte top coat on left & glossy top coat on right with crystals (it's pink in person, camera makes it appear red in photo), with Julep matte top coat , with Seche Vite glossy top coat.  

This polish was received from Nail Art Society which is a monthly subscription featuring products for nail art.  To see what I received in the December package, click here.  I used both the pink-purple color (Mystery) & the silver color (Blockbuster) in the following steps:
  1. Washed hands and used a cotton ball to apply nail polish remover to all nails to remove any oils.
  2. Applied two coats of Orly's Rubberized Bonder Base Coat to prevent chips and let it dry for a couple of minutes.
  3. Applied quickly two coats of Cherimoya Mystery, second coat being a heavy one.
  4. Applied quickly dots of Cherimoya Blockbuster in six big blobs of polish, 2 rows 3 down.
  5. Took my yellow colored dotting tool and pulled through the polish from the middle near the cuticle down to the bottom making curves, running through all the dots of polish.
  6. Continuing with the dotting tool, pulled through the polish from the far left side down to the bottom of the nail making curves.
  7. Continuing with the dotting tool, pulled through the polish on the far right side down.
  8. Let it dry for an hour before resuming normal activity.
When the two colors were swirled together with the dotting tool, the silver color turned a pinkish color.  As you can see above in the swatches, when I added a top coat it changed the appearance of the polish.  I like the way it looks without a top coat best.  I'm hoping it wont chip.  If it chips too quickly, I'll repair the chip and add a top coat.  I didn't like the addition of the crystals, so I decided to skip that for this manicure.  The Cherimoya Mystery polish started getting too thick and I had to add Seche Vite's Restore to fix this issue.  This is my first time using a matte polish and while I like the texture and effect it has, I'm not happy about not being able to add a top coat. Top coats keep my nails from chipping, help keep them look like they were freshly painted and help them dry quickly.  Have you tried a matte polish yet?  Were you able to add a matte top coat without it changing the look? If so, which brand did you try.

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