Saturday, August 25, 2012

French Nfu Oh Holographic Manicure

Nfu Oh Holographic Nail Lacquer #065

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 Front of nail polish bottle:

Back of nail polish bottle:

This is a holographic nail polish from France.  The holographic effect is most noticeable in the sunlight and while moving the nails.  It refects all the colors of the rainbow.  It's extremely pretty.  This polish is a bit thick and takes patience to apply.  I recommend using 1 thin layer, plus two thick layers.  This polish can only be stroked on once in 3 lines, you can not go back and brush the line of polish you just applied like other polishes.  If you do go back with your brush, it will remove all the polish including previous coats.  It needs to be applied in three lines, center, right and left with as little pressure as possible.  Don't worry about the 3 lines of polish blending without going back.  Fortunately the three lines will blend together on their own without going back and blending them with your brush.  

If you would like more information about this unique polish from France, read my previous post here.

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