Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Marble Design Manicure Featuring the Cinderella Collection

Sephora by OPI Drag Marble Manicure

Photo taken in sunlight next to mini bottle of Step Off, Sister!  

Photo taken in sunlight next to the mini bottle of So Totally Enchanted

Photo taken in sunlight next to the mini bottle of I Blue My Curfew

Nail Polish from the Cinderella collection called A Brush With Fate by Sephora:  So Totally Enchanted, I Blue My Curfew, Step Off Sister!

This is my second try at the drag marble design using a dotting tool for the marble design.  I started with the silver color So Totally Enchanted and brushed on two heavy coats.  Then I quickly applied three dots of the blue color I Blue My Curfew.  Lastly, I applied three dots of the blue glitter Step Off Sister and used my dotting tool to drag the polish together in three curvy lines.  To read detailed instructions on how to do this manicure and to see my previous creation click here.

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To see the OPI polish haul that I used for this manicure and swatches of all the colors, click here.

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