Monday, December 10, 2012

Marble Design Manicure for Christmas

Marble Design Using a Dotting Tool

Close Up in Sunlight Next to the Goldeneye Bottle

Close Up Next to the Sample Sale Bottle  

Nail Polishes Used:  Nubar Reclaim, OPI Goldeneye, & Sephora by OPI Sample Sale

This is my 3rd marble design manicure using a dotting tool.  I was going for a Christmas look, but hubby said it looked Asian instead.  What do you think?  I started with OPI's Goldeneye using two heavy coats.  Then quickly I applied three dots of OPI's Sample Sale, then three dots of Nubar's Reclaim.  Without delay, I used the dotting to tool to swirl the colors together.  I applied more Goldeneye with the dotting tool to any areas that the dotting tool removed too much polish on. Then I applied a top coat after it dried for about fifteen minutes.  The polishes take time to stop mixing together, so you must wait for that to stop before applying a top coat.  I have full instructions and links to tutorials on my first post about this type of manicure.  Here's are the links to the two previous manicures using this same technique:

So there you have it, my latest manicure.  Be sure to check out my previous manicures featured on this blog, links below:

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