Monday, December 31, 2012

Nail Art Society - December 2012

December Shipment from Nail Art Society

Everything included in December Shipment (click on photo to enlarge)  

This is a new monthly subscription service from Nail Art Society.  It only costs me $10 per month, since I'm an early adopter.  Anyone who signed up the first two months have received this low rate.  The new rate is $20 per month.  It's a comparable value to Julep, another monthly nail polish subscription.  Right now I'm preferring this one over Julep since it's nail art related.  I prefer doing my nails with a design rather than just using one nail polish.  Included in this shipment were the following:
  1. Cherimoya - matte polish in the color Mystery (purple-pink)
  2. Cherimoya - matte polish in the color Blockbuster (silver)
  3. Cherimoya - 38 sheets of nail polish removal pads with cuticle oil
  4. Stella - luminous nail kit, crystals in four sizes
  5. Beauty Art - nail glue
  6. Instruction card
I haven't had a chance to try out this kit, since I'm currently wearing a Christmas Marble Design.  I plan to give this a try soon.  Deciding between the following designs:
  1.  Place the crystals down the center, choosing one color of polish or a different color on each side of the crystals
  2.  Place crystals at an angle with different colors on each side of the crystals
  3.  Place crystals starting just below the cuticle and toward the tip (from left to right) three crystals in different sizes from large to small, then two, then one (in the center of the nail), then two, then three.
Which design should I try out?  Subscribe so you don't miss my post showing what design I came up for my nails. I've never used crystals or any other 3D decoration on my nails before.  Anyone know how difficult it is to remove them?

So there you have it, my first box from Nail Art Society.  Well actually it comes in a padded envelope.  I look forward to January's shipment!

Here's my manicure using this kit:

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