Saturday, February 2, 2013

A England Princess Tears Manicure & Nail Polish Haul

A England Nail Polish

Princess Tears - Holographic Nail Polish (in sunlight)  

Princess Tears, Guinevere, She Walks in Beauty, Holy Grail & The Shield Top Coat (in sunlight)

Swatches of Princess Tears, Guinevere, She Walks in Beauty & Holy Grail (2 coats, photo taken with  flash at night)

I was so excited to receive my shipment of A England nail polishes from England this week!  The wait was seventeen days from England to the States, but it was worth it!  They arrived the day I was planning to change my polish, so it was perfect timing.   I really love all the polishes I purchased and I wish I could have bought even more.  It was hard to decide which one to wear first!  Since it had been quite a long time since I wore a holographic one, I decided on Princess Tears.  You can see my nails featuring Princess Tears nail polish above.  I think I will try the glitter polish next, since that was hubby's pick.  It reminds me of an expensive designer sequined gown!  It has large pink and gold glitter in a clear base with fine gold glitter.  I just need to decide what color to put on as a base since it's more of a top coat glitter.  I'm thinking of a dusty pink, gold or lavender color as a base.  What would you chose?  Stay tuned for a post showing my manicure with that polish.

My review of Princess Tears - two coats is enough and it goes on well.  It's not too thick or thin and the top coat didn't change the color or is holographic reflection.  The brush is good and I would recommend this polish brand and color.  This color is more a grey lilac.  Without sunlight, it leans towards the grey tone more than the purple tone.  The sun brightens it up and it appears as a very pretty lilac color reflecting the colors of the rainbow.

My review of The Shield Top Coat - it dries fast on the surface, but it did smudge when I tried to do my normal tasks.  So it's not drying the layers underneath.  I had to add another top coat with a different brand (Poshe) so that I could go on with my daily tasks.

So there you have it my first experience with the A England line of nail polishes.  If you can get your hands on this brand, do so because you wont regret it!

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