Friday, April 19, 2013

Julie G's Frosted Gum Drops Rock Candy Manicure

By Jesse's Girl Cosmetics

Photo taken in sunlight

This is one polish in a set of six in the Julie G's Frosted Gum Drops nail polish collection.  You can see the rest of the colors and their swatches here.  Rocky Candy is a teal/turquoise sand texture polish with silver glitter. Outside in the sun it appears turquoise and indoors it's more of a teal color.  Sand texture polish is the newest type of polish to hit the market this year.  As you move your nails in any type of light the silver glitter reflects light like sand on a beach reflects in the sunlight!  It has a slight rough texture, but it doesn't snag on anything and it's not bumpy.  I used two coats and no top coat.  If you use a top coat, the texture will be lost. Fortunately, this is a quick drying polish.  I was so relieved since I couldn't use a quick dry top coat!  As you paint your nails it's already starting to dry.  You will know it's dry when the color lightens and the polish settles into a textured appearance.  To my surprise, the consistency of this polish is perfect for applying quickly and easily.  This is my favorite brand of sand texture polishes, I highly recommend you get your hands on some of this polish!  The photo above was taken after two days of wear.  So far it doesn't even have tip wear and I do a lot of typing!  I thought about doing a gradient design with a couple of the shades in the collection, but really this polish is so pretty all by itself!  Removal of sand texture polishes takes just a bit longer than normal polish and less time than glitter polish.  These were available on their website, but they appear to be out of stock. Currently, they can only be found at Rite Aid stores.  I am selling two of the six I purchased.  Sugar Rush & Tangerine Dream are for sale on my Blog Sale.  Sugar Rush was only swatched once on a nail wheel and Tangerine Dream has never been used.  Sugar Rush is coral with gold shimmer and Tangerine Dream is the color of a tangerine with lots of reflection.  Have you tried any of the texture polishes yet?  Update - a chip appeared on the eighth day.  

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