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Hard Candy, Julie G's & OPI Disney's Oz Nail Polish Haul

New Collections from

Hard Candy, Julie G & OPI

Gummy Green, Pink Taffy, Cotton Candy Pink, Pixie Pink, Sweet Tooth, Sugar Rush, Jubilee, Crush on Pink, Piece of Papaya, Mermaid Magic

Hot Cinnamon, Sugar Rush (for sale), Tangerine Dream (for sale), Rock Candy, Blueberry Fizz, Crushed Candy

Free sample,  What Wizardry is This?, I Theodora You, Which is Witch? (notice glitter reflection the last one makes on the table!)

Swatches starting with the light pink one at the top right moving left:  I Theodora You, Which is Witch?, Gummy Green, Pink Taffy, Cotton Candy Pink, Pixie Pink, Sweet Tooth, Sugar Rush, Jubilee, Crush on Pink, Piece of Papaya, Mermaid Magic, Hot Cinnamon, Sugar Rush, Rock Candy, Blueberry Fizz, Crushed Candy, What Wizardry is This? (2 coats, no top coat applied)

Wow there have been some really amazing collections of nail polish that have come out this month!  Above are the ones that I just couldn't resist.  I'm going to have to stop buying polish for awhile now!  Here's my entire shopping list:

Hard Candy - Candied Confetti Collection:

  1. Gummy Green - mint green jelly base with small silver, white & black round glitter.
  2. Pinky Taffy - medium pink jelly base with small pink, navy & white round glitter.
  3. Cotton Candy Pink - light pink jelly base with navy, white & silver round glitter.
  4. Pixie Pink - light lavender jelly base with pink, turquoise & white round glitter.
  5. Sweet Tooth - light blue jelly base with pink, blue & white round glitter.
  6. Sugar Rush - white jelly base with black, silver & white round glitter.

Hard Candy - Crystal Collection:

  1. Jubilee - green jelly base with large black & gold hexagons, small black matte glitter and copper bar glitter.

Hard Candy - Metallic Collection:

  1. Crushed on Pink - pink metallic micro glitter with a foil appearance.

Hard Candy - Itzy Glitz Micro Glitter:

  1. Piece of Papaya - pink/coral & gold metallic micro glitter with a foil appearance.

Hard Candy - Glitteratzi Collection:

  1. Mermaid Magic - medium purple glitter in a small blue glitter base.
This is my first purchase of anything from the Hard Candy line of cosmetics.  I am very impressed with their nail polish!  Their polish applies with ease and goes one so well.  If you have been afraid of glitter or had a bad experience before, this is the glitter polish to purchase.  The Candied Confetti collection has several dupes for very expensive polish brands such a Deborah Lippmann's!  I don't know about you, but I'd rather pay $3.97 than $19 and get the same look!  Gummy Green is a dupe for the expensive Rockin' Robin.  Sugar Rush is a dupe for the expensive Polka Dots & Moonbeams.  Mermaid Magic is a inexpensive dupe for Across the Universe.  I had 18 of these Hard Candy polishes on my wish list and managed to reduce it to 10.  I highly recommend this new line of polish.  You can buy these online at in a few days or at their store now.  I had to go to three Walmarts before I found them in stock.  They are worth the search, they are a must have!

Jessie's Girl Cosmetics - Julie G Frosted Gum Drops Collection:

  1. Hot Cinnamon - red, gold & pink micro glitter.
  2. Sugar Rush - orange coral & pink micro glitter.
  3. Tangerine Dream - gold & tangerine micro glitter.
  4. Rock Candy - turquoise/teal & silver micro glitter.
  5. Blueberry Fizz - blue & silver micro glitter.
  6. Crushed Candy - purple & silver micro glitter.
This is my first purchase of any polish from the Julie G collection.  I found out they were having a presale of their new Frosted Gum Drops collection at a discount ($3.33 each) & free shipping.  I was going to pass on this collection until I saw a video of them and saw the incredible glitter reflection.    Thanks Jessie, it's all your fault I bought them.  They really do look like frosted gum drop candy!  If you aren't a fan of the sandy textured polishes, this set might change your mind.  If you add a glossy top coat your nails will look just like the polish does in the bottle.  You can purchase this line at Rite Aid stores or on the Jessie's Girl Cosmetics website.  I will be selling or offering for swap #2 & #3, check out my Blog Sale.  I'm running out room on my nail rack!

OPI Disney's Oz The Great & Powerful Collection:

  1. What Wizardry is This? - olive/brown & gold glitter with a sand texture.
  2. I Theodora You - pink jelly.
  3. Which is Witch? - medium holographic hexagons & bar glitter.
One of my favorite lines of polish is OPI and since I love The Oz movie, I just had to get a few of these polishes. I was going to pass especially since OPI just raised their price, but I found them at a discount from Cut & Blow online.  Instead of $9 each, I paid $5.50 each.  I must say this collection looks so much better in person than online.  The brown liquid sand polish looks best in the sunlight.  The glitter lights up in the sun!  Definitely a polish for the beach or outdoor activities in the sun, not for gloomy cloudy days.  I will be wearing Which is Witch over three coats of I Theodora You soon.

In conclusion, there you have it, my insane recent nail polish purchases.  Yep, I'm addicted.  It's always something.  It use to be Barbies, Beanie Babies, Boyd Bears, and rubber stamps.  As soon as I give up collecting one thing, I find myself collecting something else.  I just can't help myself and when something brings you joy in this crazy world, you just have to go with it.  It's cheaper than therapy!  What do you purchase to make you happy?

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