Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vintage Minnie Minis Disney by OPI Manicure

Valentine's Day Marble Manicure

Base color is If You Moust You Moust with swirls of color on top:  The Color of Minnie & I'm All Ears  

This is from a set:

Vintage Minnie Minis Disney by OPI

I was in the mood for a Valentine's Day Manicure, so this is what I came up with.  This was really hard to photograph.  The photos turned the pink into more of a lilac pink color in most of the photos and the glitter wasn't very visable in the photos. It looks more pink in person.  So these were the best I could come up with.  If you look at the pink bottle of polish in the above photo, that is the accurate color of the base polish on my nails.  For some reason when the photo is taken, the color in the bottle is accurate, but on the nails it is different.  I found a very similar color to If You Moust You Moust in my collection and it's called Shorts Story by OPI.  I used that on my toes.  The Vintage Minnie Minis nail set was sold a year ago.  You can still find it on for purchase, if you fancy it.  Yeah, the edge of my middle finger isn't so straight, that is due to doing the process twice since I didn't like the results the first time.  If you don't like the swirl results, just apply another heavy coat of your base color and then start the process over.  For some reason it made the edge not so straight in magnification, but in person you can't tell at all!  

This design is done with a dotting tool and the how to's are described in full detail in a previous blog post located here.  If you haven't tried this nail art design yet, you really owe it to yourself to give it a try.  It is easier than water marbling and is not messy at all.  

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