Monday, April 2, 2018

Ring Bomb Party Review - Part 2

This is my second review of a fun company called Ring Bomb Party. I ordered a ring back in January that I already reviewed. I ordered another one this month. They only cost $17.95 plus $3.99 shipping in the US and $14.99 to all other countries. Last time I ordered a unicorn ring which is a bit more coming in at $24.99. I explained unicorn parties in my last post, so read about that next. The regular party rings have a value of $25 to $500 and they come in sizes 6 to 10.  The rings are a surprise and revealed live on Facebook by fizzing a fizz bomb in water which contains the ring. The foil package is then opened and the host shows the ring through a macro lens, so you can see it up close. To participate in one of the parties, simply order your ring on their website for the day that you would like. Their corporate host, Anfernee has weekday parties starting at 1 pm ET which end around 3 pm to 4 pm. Forty rings are revealed at each party. They will show a list of the people that ordered and the order in which the reveals will happen just as the party begins. His parties will end by May since Ring Bomb Party has started offering an opportunity for others to start their own business and reveal rings in their home just as Anfernee does at their corporate office. Some of the new hosts have already started having parties including Anfernee's Mom. Their parties tend to be in the evenings. These are my favorities:
  1. Jackie aka Georgia Charm. Her next party is tonight, Monday, April 2nd at 7:30 pm ET.
  2. Lisa aka East Coast Jewels. Her next party will be announced soon, stay tuned.
  3. Wanda - aka Grandma Dimples. Her next party is on Thursday, April 5th at 6 pm ET.
Let's get back to my ring. The live videos are kept on Facebook, so if you can't attend the live reveal, you can watch it later. Mine was revealed by Anfernee around 1:54-1:57, check out the video. My 2nd ring has a retail value of $28 and it features white topaz and it's rhodium plated. It has been named the cupcake ring by Anfernee. See the photo below to see why. Notice that when you look at it from the side, the bottom has ridges like a paper cupcake holder and then the small white topaz stones that line the edge of the ring look like little dollops of frosting and the large white topaz in the center looks like a candy or more frosting:

It has a lot of detail and it's a really pretty ring. It's a bit smaller in person than I thought it would be, but that makes it look like it's perhaps diamonds and a much more expensive ring than it really is. It's very reflective, especially in sunlight as shown in my pictures. I put off writing this review since we've had so few sunny days in which I could take a good picture. Even today the sun was off and on and it was quite tricky and time consuming getting a picture to really show off it's reflection. Here's another look at it from the front:

I'm very happy with it and I've worn it many times since it arrived. Now it's time for you to have some fun too. Pick one of the parties that you would like to attend by clicking on the links above and purchase your first ring and join in the fun! Let me know which ring was revealed for you! I've watched many live reveals, so if you describe it, I will most likely know which of the rings you are talking about. Which reminds me to tell you, if you don't have the funds to purchase one now, you'll have fun watching the live parties also. So check one out soon, it's fun! Stay tuned for Part 3 after I decide when to purchase another one. I must warn you, they are very addictive. Also, keep an eye out for my review of their sister company, Glam Box Live, coming soon.

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  1. These are so neat! How did you find out about these in the first place, I'm so curious!

    1. A Facebook friend shared a link to one of their live videos, so it showed up on my timeline back in October, I watched and I learned about their Glam Box sister co and bought some pieces from 4 reps and then bought a Ring Bomb and then another. It's similar to the live oyster opening co which I had a bad experience with.


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