Tuesday, August 2, 2016

QVC's Lisa Robertson & Kathy Levine Live on Facebook Tomorrow!

Kathy Levine & Lisa Robertson

Two of my favorite ex-QVC hosts, Lisa Robertson & Kathy Levine will be chatting live on Lisa Robertson's Facebook page tomorrow at 8 pm ET! Wow, so exciting! Don't forget to visit Lisa's Facebook page tomorrow to see the live video streaming from her home. It's going to be fun for sure! Kathy always makes me laugh. I can't wait! 

I met Kathy in person at a grand opening of a QVC Outlet Store in Virginia Beach, Virginia many years ago. Kathy complimented my purple nails, purple is her favorite color. She was just as nice in person as on television. Sadly, that store is closed even though it had a ton of business. It's so strange that they keep closing their outlets. Another one just closed in North Carolina. Is the one in Myrtle Beach still open? Kathy is currently enjoying retirement with many visits with her grandchildren and traveling the world with her husband. Visit Kathy's Facebook page to see her funny posts and lovely photos.

If you are wondering what Lisa has been up to since she left QVC, she is now selling products on her website. She features them in her live Facebook videos just as she did as a QVC host. It's fun to see her selling again! I love her voice, it's so calming. She shares stories of her journeys around the world, she reads the comments from viewers, responds to them and she shows off the items for sale. Currently she is selling jewelry, but stay tuned for home decor and Christmas decor. Last night she previewed two cute little deers with animals standing on their backs. So adorable! Perfect for Christmas decor or even year round. It will be sold along with Christmas trees and other Christmas decor. She also previewed a lantern from her home decor line. If you missed her Monday night chat, click here to view it now. It won't be live so it won't be as much fun, but you can catch up on what's been going on. So who will be joining me tomorrow at 8 pm and who's your favorite QVC host?

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  1. Who was the "other" Lisa on QVC? I remember two from years ago. I think she sang. Thanks 😊

    1. Lisa Mason, she sells jewelry now, https://www.facebook.com/lisa.mason.3781


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