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In October, I discovered a fun company called Ring Bomb Party. They offer rings for $17.95 and $24.99. Shipping is $3.99 for US customers and $14.99 for everyone else. You can order as many rings as you want and you'll pay the same shipping charge. The rings are inside a bath fizzy that they dissolve live on Facebook. The $17.95 rings have a retail value of $25 to $500. The $24.99 rings have a retail value of $50 to $500 and those are called unicorn parties. They come in sizes 6 to 10. The unicorn parties have one unicorn ring per size. The unicorn rings are worth over $100 and are usually sterling silver. Simply order on their website and show up for the live reveal of your ring on the day you pick or watch the recording. Parties sell out fast and are often posted at the end of the live shows for the next day. You chose the size and the rest is a surprise. They are revealed at 1 pm ET Monday through Friday. The parties last about two to two and a half hours and an average of forty rings are revealed. Most of the time they are hosted by Anfernee. He is fun to watch and you may find yourself either addicted to buying the rings and/or addicted to attending his parties. A lot of people say he sounds like Eddie Murphy and many compliment his charming and entertaining personality. After watching many of his parties, you may find yourself singing his often repeated phrases such as "Ring Party dot com" or "That's a pretty ring, girl!". I use to have QVC on the tv in the background to keep me company, but now I have his live videos on instead. He's always so friendly, happy and entertaining even when he's not feeling well. Check out the video where my ring was revealed at about one hour and six minutes. I purchased a unicorn party ring and it's retail value is $72. It's rhodium plated with a morganite stone surrounded by white topaz stones. This setting also comes in pink topaz. They are both very pretty. I have to say these rings are prettier in person. Have another look at my ring in different light:

Pretty, eh?! They have lots of different rings which are mostly rhodium plated or sterling silver with an occasional rose gold plated ring. The most common gemstones offered are ruby, amethyst, pink topaz, morganite, peridot, emerald, white topaz, blue topaz, aquamarine, and sapphire. Every few months they have new designs. I received mine in the mail ten days after it was revealed live and it was shipped via USPS. They'll send you the tracking number via email once it's shipped. Have you purchased a ring from Ring Bomb Party yet? If so, I'd love to hear which one you received, please comment below. If not, are you tempted to purchase one?

This business was started in December 2016 by a young lady named Lillian Coleman right before she was diagnosed with cancer. I'm happy to report she is cancer free now. Her sister, Bella, is co-owner. Bella's boyfriend and his friend, Anfernee came on board to help out. They are located in Montgomery, Alabama. They have been doing this for a little over a year now and have sold over 30,000 rings! Plus, they have over 60,000 followers on Facebook. After so much success they decided to allow others to start their own Ring Bomb Party business. The ones I watch are the following:
  1. Jackie aka Georgia Charm. Parties on weeknights, next Ring Bomb Party is March 13th at 7:30 pm ET
  2. Lisa aka East Coast Jewels. Parties on weeknights and some weekends. Next party has not been announced yet, keep an eye on her Facebook page.
These hostesses started out with Glam Box which is the sister company to Ring Bomb Party. They sell boutique style jewelry live on Facebook for only $8.00 plus $4.99 shipping and handling. No matter how many pieces of jewelry you purchase, it's only $4.99 to ship. They offer necklaces, bracelets and earrings with an occasional one size fits all ring. In addition, they have started offering leggings. They show on average one hundred pieces of jewelry during each party which takes about two to three hours. Often they offer prizes, discounts, and other offers. Those parties tend to run the longest. They show a number next to the piece of jewelry after it's presentation and the person who comments first with that number gets to purchase that piece of jewelry. Payments are made via PayPal. I have purchased jewelry from all three hostesses and I recommend their parties. Stay tuned for my review of Glam Box.

Check out part 2

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  1. Thanks so much Wendy! We are so proud of this little
    Company and how much it’s grown in a year. Great Blog!
    Lisa-East Coast Jewels

    1. You're welcome, Lisa! Thanks for the compliment! :)

    2. How can someone become a hostess?

    3. Send Lisa a message @ https://www.facebook.com/eastcoastjewelsringbombparty I don't think they are currently offering packages for new hosts, but Lisa can give you more info.

  2. This sounds like so much fun! I'll have to look into it, thank so much for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! It is! Let me know the value of your ring after your reveal!

  3. How can I get started selling these


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