Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap - Wonderland Collection

Spring 2015 Subscription Box

This is a review of the subscription box from a company called Fortune Cookie Soap. They send out their box quarterly for $19.99 which includes shipping. It even comes with a $10 off coupon! The Spring collection called "Wonderland" is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Included in the Spring shipment were the following products:
  1. Bath Tea Bag - Twisted Tea Party
  2. Bath Bomb - Off with Their Heads
  3. Perfume Oil - Eat Me
  4. Fortune Cookie Shaped Soap - Almost Alice
  5. Whipped Cream - It's Only a Dream
  6. Incense Cones - Who Are You?
  7. Hand Sanitizer - We're All Mad Here
  8. Body Wash - Futterwacken
When I was in the process of moving, I cancelled most of my subscription boxes except for three and this was one of them. The other two were Graze Box for Hubby & me and Doggyloot's Bully Stick subscription for our four dogs. So that gives you an idea of how much I love and look forward to this box. The perfume oil scent, Eat Me, is my favorite scent out of this collection so far. It's so yummy, it smells like a pineapple cupcake. Just a dab of it on your skin is all that is necessary since it's highly concentrated. I'm thinking of adding a few drops to my spray water bottle to refresh my hair in the morning. The body lotion smells like talcum and roses. While I love the smell of roses, I'm not really into wearing that scent. The incense cones, shown above in the little bag, are perfect for covering up kitchen cooking smells quickly. Sometimes recipes while delicious are just stinky and you get sick of smelling it. They are the perfect solution for that. I simply place one on my stainless steel sink and light it for a few seconds and then blow it out. Shortly thereafter, the stinky cooking smell is gone. That's a new product for them. Hand sanitizer is a must during the cold season. I use it religiously after leaving any public place. It helps keep germs away for sure and this one has a masculine scent of cedar wood. It's very pleasant and Hubby will appreciate it over the florals! Prior to receiving the bath tea bag, I had not heard of such a thing. I'm anxious to try that along with the rose bath bomb. I've been too busy lately to take the time for a bath. Hopefully, I will be able to take the extra time and try those products out soon. I appreciate that their bath bombs don't irritate my sensitive skin that even more expensive brands irritate. Their fortune cookie shaped soap smells like freshly cut grass to me. It screams Spring! The body wash has a fresh, invigorating grapefruit scent. While this wasn't my favorite collection so far, it was yet another fun box which I have been enjoying. The scent that I highly recommend that is currently in stock is In the Loop. It smells just like Fruit Loops cereal. Yum! I will be purchasing it yet again soon with my coupon. I wish they would bring back Marshmallow Dreams & Captain's Berried Booty which are my most favorite of all the scents I have tried so far. I miss them so much!

Be sure to visit their Facebook page tomorrow night at 6:30 pm CST to click on the link to join their online launch party of this collection. The owners give out prizes and they are entertaining and informative. They also give out a discount code at the end of the party to use prior to midnight. I won a prize the first time I attended! Check out some of the previous boxes & orders I have received:

Witch Please - Fall 2014

If you decide you would like to try out this subscription box, be sure to sign up right away since there is a waiting list. What's your favorite subscription box that you can't live without?

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