Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap - Spring Soap Box 2014

This is a quarterly subscription box from a company called Fortune Cookie Soap for $19.99 per box. In each box is a $10 coupon off your order from their website, so that makes the box cost only $9.99!  How wonderful is that! This is my first box from this company and I am very impressed! The scents are so heavenly and I can't wait to place my order for more tomorrow, since that's when they will add the new products to their website. Included in the Spring box were the following products:
  1. Forbidden Fruit - Fortune Cookie Soap
  2. The Bloom Bloom - Bath Fizzy
  3. Me So Thorny - Steam Me Up Scotty! Shower Fizzy
  4. Native Nectar - Body Wash
  5. Afternoon Delight - OCD Hand Sanitizer
  6. Venus Fly Trap - Perfume Oil
  7. Marshmallow Dreams - Cuticle Butter
  8. Make It Rain - Whipped Cream
My favorite scents are Make It Rain, Forbidden Fruit & Marshmallow Dreams.  I will be ordering some more of those and can't wait to get the full sizes in the mail! The Make It Rain Whipped Cream smells so good, the scent lasts and it's super moisturizing!  It's so rare to find a body cream or lotion that has a scent that lasts for hours. It's described as sparkling droplets of citrus & jasmine dripping with musk, clutched by cedar wood boughs. I love jasmine, citrus and cedar wood, so I was bound to love this creation! My second favorite is the Forbidden Fruit Fortune Cookie Soap which has scents of blueberry, verbena and lemon zest. It is noticeably moisturizing which is so important this time of year. Oh how good it smells, so deliciously scrumptious! If you like food scents as I do, you will love this one. My third favorite is my dog's most favorite. Yes, I present things to Leo to smell, it's something he really loves to do. I have to keep him from licking the Marshmallow Dreams Cuticle Butter off my fingers. It smells so yummy. It is described as lavender springs draped over sage and basil, livened with splash of vodka and a swirl of sticky, sweet marshmallow fluff. I really like how it starts out as a cream which makes it really easy to apply without any dripping. After you rub it in, it then turns into a clear oil on your cuticles and lands & stays exactly where you want it. So many cuticles oils are a drippy mess and creams tend to be sticky, so this is the perfect solution. It takes just a dab per hand.  I already tried out the bath fizzy & the shower fizzy also, I just couldn't wait.  I was surprised how moisturizing they are.  I am very pleased with everything in the box and can't wait for the summer box.

Well there you have it, my latest subscription find. If this sounds like a box you would like to try, be sure to get on their email wait list. I had to wait to get my first box and there may still be a wait list due to the limited supply. I dropped my Ipsy & Birchbox subscriptions, since I have more makeup than I can use right now. So this subscription is perfect for me because I need more bath and body products. If you subscribe to the Soap Box, I'd love to hear which scents are your favorite. Please comment below.  To check out all the subscription boxes I reviewed so far check out my Pinterest Subscription Boxes Board.  Simply click on the photo of the one that interests you to be taken to the matching blog post.

Discount Offer:  $5 off an order of $30 or more at their website, click here.

Update:  I attended the online launch party Friday night and won one of the giveaways!  I won three shower steamers, roll on perfume and perfume oil in the scent of my choice.  I also placed a large order of the Make It Rain, Forbidden Fruit & Marshmallow Dreams scents.  I will be blogging about it as soon as it arrives, so stay tuned!

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