Review of Otherland Candles - Manor House Weekend Collection

Otherland Manor House Weekend Collection

Otherland generously provided three candles from their new Fall Manor House Weekend Collection for me to review for you. The three candles that I'm reviewing are shown in the photo above. They are:

  • Cardamon Milk - Frothy Milk, Praline Wood, and Cardamon
  • Sun Suede - Salty Saffron, Pink Peppercorn, and White Suede
  • Tapestry - Burnt Maple, Smokey Oud, and Vetiver

This Fall collection is "inspired by countryside weekends where bonfires blaze, cider gets spiked, and friends become family, we're ringing a rebel spirit to the classics. Welcome to the new old world." 

The co-founder, Abigail Cook Stone, shared notes for the collection: This season, take an autumn getaway to the countryside without leaving home. We're bringing back our rebellious take on the classics with rich, layered scents that are equal parts cozy and unconventional. Growing up, my mother taught me that part of the art of living well is to live seasonally, so I designed the Manor House Weekend Collection with this in mind. For me, embracing the arrival of autumn--the change in the air, the delicious textures, colors, and flavors, the memories and traditions, and more especially in my home, is a meaningful way to cultivate joy. Welcome to Cozyland!" She started out as a buyer for Ralph Lauren.

These autumn candles cost $36 each which includes free shipping, free returns, and free gift packaging. If you order three there is a discount of $19.00 and they come in a beautiful reusable gift box with matches. Opening the box is quite dramatic. Check out the outside of the box below:

Lifting the magnetic edge up causes the box to fall open to reveal the artistic box inside which includes matching matches:

Take the top off the inside box to reveal the collection and voila:

The candles are safely padded inside their box so they arrive in perfect condition. The single candles also come in a gift box with a personalized matchbox for any occasion. Otherland candles are made in the USA with coconut and soy wax. They have a 100% cotton wick to ensure a smooth burn. These hand-poured candles never have parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and are cruelty-free. The matte glass tumblers are reusable. Each tumbler is 3.25" tall and 3" wide and is filled with 8 oz. of wax which has about 55 hours of burn time.

My first impression prior to burning the three candles was that Tapestry is my favorite, followed by Cardamon Milk and Sun Suede. After burning all three it was harder to decide which one was my favorite. I stuck with my 1st impression after burning them choosing Tapestry as my favorite. The melted wax pooled out very quickly along with its scent. I trimmed the wicks after each use and they had a nice long, bright flame without soot. They have been melting evenly with no tunneling. 

I lit Cardamon Milk first. To me, it smells like a spicy creamy drink with scents of vanilla, cardamon, and coconut. It's really lovely. It's a food scent with so much complexity that you wouldn't immediately think of it as a food scent. Even non-foodies would enjoy it. It's not your typical food scented candle in that it's not immediately obvious. It's unique in that it's not overwhelming and it doesn't become tiresome like so many other candle brands who tend to make their food scents too strong and sweet. 

2nd, I lit Tapestry, and as I suspected it's my favorite. I would describe it as a sophisticated scent. It's hard to describe. I would say it's a woodsy, spicy scent with a hint of cotton. Otherland is so good at mixing notes, that all I smell is the mix rather than each note by itself. It's such an enjoyable mix of scents. It's a cozy, clean, relaxing scent that I really love.

I burned Sun Suede last, it has a bit of a perfume scent, but it's not overwhelming.  I'm not usually a fan of perfume scents since I find most of them overwhelming very quickly. This one is a complex scent that is mixed well so it's hard to pinpoint a particular note. It's a lovely blend that I don't find overwhelming even over a long period of time. If some perfume scents give you a headache, I doubt this one would since it's very mellow and pleasant.

All three candles were able to fill our large two-story living room with lovely scents that we found enjoyable. These scents don't remind me of any other candles I've tried so I can't compare them to any other candle brands' scents. They are that unique. They are perfect for a party since they won't offend any of your guests. They set a relaxing mood with a background scent that is cozy and comforting. They are mixed so well that everyone should find them enjoyable without being too strong or overwhelming. They set a cozy mood rather than screaming a particular food scent or perfume that some may not enjoy. I recommend you give these delightful candles a try and give some as gifts. They are available for purchase on their website.

I love to support products that are made in the USA and women-owned companies. The packaging makes for an impressive personalized present! If there is someone on your gift list who is hard to impress, these candles are perfect for them. Both females and males would love these sophisticated scents. None of them scream Fall, so you could give these candles year-round. The beautiful fall colored matte glass jars are perfect to decorate for fall. Also, the colors are perfect year-round for those of us who decorate our home with warm, cozy fall colors. If you have tried this brand before, which scent is your favorite?

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