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Josie Maran's Argan Body Revitalization Collection from QVC - Product Review

Argan Luxury Body Kit

This is a review of a set from Josie Maran sold on QVC called Argan Body Revitalization Collection. It's item number is A301256 and it's sold for 6 payments of $10.41 or a one time payment of $62.46. It has a retail value of $135.00. It's still on sale, if you want one don't wait too long because the price will go back up. When Josie was on air on the 4th, she discounted some sets so much so that they were good alternatives to the TSV. Now on to what was included in this set:
  1. Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream in Peppermint Bark, 4.6 fl. oz., retail value $40.00
  2. Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in Peppermint Bark, 8 fl. oz., retail value $35.00
  3. Argan Color Stick in Plum Sugar, .55 oz., retail value $22.00
  4. Argan Sugar Balm Body Scrub in Peppermint Bark, 10 oz., retail value $38.00
The retail value for this collection is $135.00 just as stated by QVC. This is the reason I only purchase most cosmetics in sets since they are such a bargain. At the retail price I just wouldn't be motivated to spend that much money. In this kit, the average price per item in the kit is only $15.61 which makes it affordable versus $33.75 per item retail. I was a little worried trying a new scent, Peppermint Bark, but I'm happy to report it smells delicious just like candy canes! Mind you the scent doesn't last very long, it is aromatherapy during application. I really love this scent, it's very refreshing and I hope she has it in another set soon. This set also comes in unscented and Vanilla Fig. Vanilla Fig is a very nice scent also and it's very popular. I've found all of her vanilla scents to be pleasant. The hand cream is wonderful, it's not too oily so that you can apply it and move on with your day without having to wait for it to sink in. Though my top favorite is from L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. The Josie Maran body butter is my favorite of all the brands I've tried. It's not too thin or too thick in it's consistency. It does take a bit of time to sink in. I like to apply it before bed since it's lovely aromatherapy. Body scrubs aren't my favorite type of cosmetic, but they are necessary. Having thyroid disease, my skin cell turnover is very slow and I need something to speed it up. I've been putting off spending money on a body scrub, so this kit was perfect. Of all of the scrubs I've tried, this one is very nice. Typically I use salt scrubs and she stated it's better to use sugar since it doesn't dehydrate the skin. I'm not a fan of her color sticks, so I will be selling it or giving it away. It can be used both as a lip stick and a blush. I'm not very good at applying cream blushes, so I shy away from them. I just can't get them to blend very well and so they aggravate me. Even though I'm not using that product it still makes this kit a bargain at $20.82 for the three products I will be using. The color stick is the least valuable item in the kit anyway. If I sell it, then it will be even less. I find this is the best time of year to purchase cosmetic sets from QVC since the pricing is lower. This is the time to stock up or find gifts for the ladies on your list.

If you missed out on the TSV, Josie Maran Super Size Anniversary Set, it's available on wait list for $8.01 more which is only 10% more than the TSV price. It's still a good value since it has a retail value of $261.00. Did you buy the TSV or any of the featured sets? I'd love to hear your review, please comment below. 

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  1. Hi Wendy! I also purchased this set and the TSV, this was my first time trying the peppermint bark and I was pleasantly surprised! I'm so glad it smells good since I was hesitant in purchasing. For me initially the peppermint bark smells sweet like candy canes as you described but I also noted hints of vanilla as well. I wish she would've had more sets with the peppermint bark. I purchased the TSV in vanilla pear and the anniversary blend and boy am I glad that I purchased the vanilla pear as back up! The anniversary blend is horrible, it smells so weird like just smells very artificial so I returned it immediately. I kept the vanilla pear and that is my favorite scent, I'm glad I tried the peppermint bark as it's one of my new favorites of hers! Thanks Wendy for your reviews and posts!

    1. Hi Jasmine! I too was hesitant since some of her new scents have been not so great. Last year so many people returned the TSV due to yucky scents. Not just I don't fancy it, but horrible. I was forced to return it since it smelled so bad and it takes a lot for me to go to the trouble of returning. Any of the vanilla scents are usually safe to order because all of them have been hits. Yeah, this year there was a limited supply of holiday scents, disappointing. I found a set of the caramel body butter that she offered last year, but that's it. It smelly yummy. You aren't the 1st person that I've heard say the anniversary blend is yucky. So sorry it wasn't lovely. Good for you returning it. She needs to know about these scents that are misses. Apparently, she didn't learn her lesson from last years TSV. Lucky you having ordered the other scent too, lessens the disappointment. Maybe customer service will return your s/h on that return if you complain it was a horrible scent that lots of people are complaining about, worth a try. You're most welcome, glad to help out. :)

  2. is the vanilla fig good in this set?


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