Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Haul - February 2014

Oh me oh my, I've found a new obsession and it's called Fortune Cookie Soap! After receiving my first subscription box from them and trying out their products the obsession began. Out of the scents included in that box I fell in love with three of the scents:  Marshmallow Dreams, Make It Rain & Forbidden Fruit. I attended their online launch party on February 21st and placed my order immediately afterwards. They were very kind and offered giveaways and a 20% off code for attendees. I was super lucky and won one of the giveaways! Seriously, I rarely win anything. I was so excited and very happy to win. They sent me three shower steamers, one roll on perfume and one perfume oil in the scents of my choice.  With my order I also received a free soap sample of Make It Rain.  As shown above, I ordered the following products:
  1. Marshmallow Dreams - Milk Bath
  2. Marshmallow Dreams - Bath Bomb
  3. Marshmallow Dreams - Body Wash
  4. Marshmallow Dreams - Whipped Cream Body Butter
  5. Make It Rain - Set of Four Bath Melts
  6. Make It Rain - Body Wash
  7. Make It Rain - Whipped Cream Body Butter
  8. Forbidden Fruit - Body Wash
  9. Forbidden Fruit - Whipped Cream Body Butter
  10. Forbidden Fruit - Cuticle Butter
  11. Forbidden Fruit - Bath Bomb
I decided to start with my dog Leo's favorite scent Marshmallow Dreams and used the body wash and whipped cream the day it arrived. He's so cute, he loves to smell the products I purchase.  Every time I bring out the Marshmallow Dreams Cuticle Butter he asks to smell it. Marshmallow Dreams smells like toasted marshmallows to me. It's so yummy! I also used one of the Make It Rain Shower Steamers and it's the strongest scented shower steamer I've tried. Other brands are so weak in scent.  Later I tried out the sample of the Make It Rain soap and it's really lovely. Hubby even commented on how nice it smells and how moisturizing it is. It smells mostly like Jasmine to me, so delightful! I love how their soaps & moisturizers have a long lasting scent. I really look forward to trying one of the bath bombs this weekend. I think I'll try Forbidden Fruit which smells like a yummy lemon blueberry muffin to me. I have tried other brands and my skin isn't moisturized afterwards. Our water is very drying and I've been avoiding the jacuzzi tub because of it until I found Fortune Cookies Bath Bombs! We have a water filter in the shower, but don't have a water filter for the tub. So I was super happy to find their bath bombs leave me moisturized instead of itchy. Their shipping is fast! I received my order in only six days. I wish I had bought another cuticle butter, it's so fantastic. I know, I ordered too much, but I couldn't help myself! Those three scents are so heavenly and since they sell out so quickly, I just had to buy them now. Did you order anything from them lately? What's your favorite scent from Fortune Cookie Soap?  They are suppose to restock the sold out items today.  I see some of the items are in stock now, so don't hesitate since they sell out fast!

Discount Offer:  $5 off your order of $30 or more, click here.

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