Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Summer Box - Candy Aisle

Shown above is the summer edition of a subscription box from Fortune Cookie Soap.  It's a quarterly subscription for $19.99.  This is my favorite subscription box right now.  Included in the summer box were the following:
  1. Lick Your Lips - Fortune Cookie Soap, full size
  2. Lemon Drop It Like It's Hot - Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub
  3. Lollipop Your Cherry - OCD Hand Sanitizer
  4. The Sweet Spot - Sparkle Me
  5. Dubble Bubble - gum
  6. Blow Me! - Lip Scrub, full size
  7. Dum - Dums - lollypop
  8. Captain's Berried Booty - Whipped Body Butter
  9. Sweet Dreamsicle - Wax Melt
  10. Rock Your Socks Off - Solid Sugar Scrub
  11. Coupon - $10 off 
The fortune cookie shaped soap smells exactly like mint chocolate chip ice cream. It's divine! I can't wait to order some body butter & shower gel in that scent! So yummy! Hubby requested to use it right away. I had to tell him he will have to wait till he uses up the current soap before he can use this one. They last a really long time, so it will be a long wait. The fortune inside says "If you didn't get caught, did you really do it?". The facial scrub has a nice lemon scent and works well. The hand sanitizer smells like cherry cough syrup. This will be going right in the car for use after shopping.  The Sparkle Me smells mostly like melon to me and it has very fine glitter which would be nice in the sunlight or candlelight. I haven't had Dubble Bubble gum or a Dum-Dums lollypop in a really long time. The lip scrub works really well and very quickly. It smells exactly like bubble gum and I will be purchasing that in the body butter & shower gel for sure. The whipped butter smells so delicious! This is my favorite scent in the summer box. This one I highly recommend! It's suppose to smell like a sugary childs' cereal. I've only eaten them a couple times in my life, so I can't comment if it smells like it. I just know it smells so yummy. It's described as a fruity, berry scent with vanilla, raspberry and tonka bean notes. It also has a long lasting scent. I look forward to trying out the sugar scrub tonight in the shower after exercising. You can't go wrong with the following scents:  Lick Your Lips, Blow Me! and Captain's Berried Booty.

Tomorrow night, the 23rd of May at 6:30 pm CT, they will be having an online party showing off the new products and having giveaways. I invite you to join me and learn more about their products.  After the launch party they will add the new summer line to their website for purchase. If you are interested in purchasing some, I highly recommend you order at that time because things sell out so quickly. They will add more quantity to their website after a couple of weeks, if you miss out.  Visit their Facebook page for more information.

For those that are curious as to the reason for my absence since the beginning of March, I was ill with five health issues including a trip to the emergency room. It was a snowball effect with one problem after another with no break in between. I was also busy visiting a relative in the hospital. I'm just starting to feel like myself now, but still have a lingering cough from pneumonia.

Update - Tried out the Rock Your Socks Off Sugar Scrub and it's wonderful.  It's not scratchy or rough like others and very moisturizing.  It's smells so yummy, exactly like grape juice.  Now I'm craving some grape juice!

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