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Resolutions Cravebox - January 2013

Resolutions Cravebox

This is a box from a company called Cravebox for $15 including shipping.  They have a couple themed boxes per month that you can order.  I like them because they are usually $10-15 which is inexpensive and they have lots of samples.  Some of them are full sized samples.  For items that need refrigeration, they will send you a coupon for that product free of charge.  I really like trying new products and this is an easy and inexpensive way to do so. This box has the theme of resolutions, so it's a diet theme basically.  Included in this box were the following:
  1. Wholly Guacamole - coupon for a free product up to $6.50
  2. Weight Watchers Smart Ones - coupon for a free product up to $4.00
  3. Wholly Guacamole chip clip
  4. SunRipe Fruit Source - 4 snack bars
  5. Cocoa Via - sample pack
  6. A & W Ten - 10 calorie root beer
  7. Mary Kay Eye Cream
  8. 7 Up Ten - 10 calorie lemon lime soda
  9. Pantene - moisturizing style mousse
  10. Celestial Wellness Tea
  11. Perfectly Simple - snack bar
I love Wholly Guacamole and it's an item I normally purchase.  It's delicious, you just need to eat it within a day or so because it will go bad after it's opened.  If you are on a diet, the Weight Watchers Smart Ones are a tasty option.  It is processed food, but if you don't have the time to whip up a healthier option, it will help you lose weight since they are very low in calories.  All the of the snack bars were quickly gobbled up by hubby who said they were all very tasty.  The Sun Ripe ones look like a fruit roll up, but in a thick bar version.  He also quickly tried the root beer and was shocked when I told him it was diet.  He said it didn't taste like diet soda. Unfortunately, corn syrup is one of the ingredients, so I wont be purchasing this item.  I refuse to purchase items with corn syrup, it's so bad for you.  He also liked the 7 Up Ten.  I really wish the main manufacturers of soda would start to use Stevia as their sugar substitute.  I heard that one of them was going to, but I've yet to find it on shelves.  I'm guessing it was only available in a test market. I'm willing to pay more for Stevia!  Whole Foods sells Zevia which is a soda that uses Stevia, but the flavor needs improvement.   I use Stevia in my hot tea all the time, it's delicious, sugar & calorie free and healthy. Aspartame is so bad for you, yet sometimes I really crave a soda!  Maybe someday Pepsi & Coca-Cola will start using Stevia, fingers crossed!  I find the Pantene mousse is too moisturizing for my fine thin hair.  If you have dry hair, this will be perfect for you.  I had to reread the directions, because it actually looked like a conditioner that needed to be rinsed out.  It says right on the directions "do not rinse out".  I will pass on the tea since it has green tea in it and I recently discovered that green tea gives me very nasty headaches, so I have to stick to black tea.  

So there you have it, my review of one of the Cravebox shipments I received in January.  I will be posting reviews of two more soon.  If you would like to try out Cravebox, visit their website here and let them know I referred you, please.

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