Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cravebox - Holiday Spruce-Up

November Cravebox Shipment

Above shows a photo of the November Holiday Spruce-Up Cravebox.  It's a monthly subscription box from Cravebox. This was the only shipment out of five that was disappointing to me.  I felt as many other subscribers did that this shipment wasn't worth the $14 we paid for it.  Many monthly subscription services disappoint every few months, but in the long run they are worth subscribing to.  This is one of the subscriptions that rarely disappoints.  Included in this box were:
  1. Oxi Clean - Dishwashing Booster
  2. Bissell - Stomp 'N Go Stain Lifting Pads
  3. Tide - Pods
  4. Febreze - Set & Refresh 
  5. Biz - Stain Fighter coupon
  6. Mean Green - cleaner & degreaser coupon
I have tried the Oxi Clean dishwashing booster and so far it seems to work ok. I like that brand and it usually doesn't disappoint. I don't have carpet, so I can't use the Bissell lifting pads.  I have received a free Tide Pod before and wasn't impressed.  While Tide use to be my favorite brand, I no longer find it to be of the same quality.  I use Costco's own brand (Kirkland) of HE laundry detergent that has no color additives and natural lavender oils.  I placed the Febreze Set & Refresh in the laundry room and it helped.  I haven't heard of the two items that I received coupons for, that's item 5 and 6 on the list, so I am reluctant to purchase them without first trying a free sample.  I was expecting a sample from them rather a coupon.  I'm happy to report that Cravebox has excellent customer service and after an quick email to them informing them of my thoughts about it not being a good value, I received a refund!

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