Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Favorites Cravebox

December Cravebox Shipment

This is the latest shipment from Cravebox.  It's a monthly subscription service and this box cost $14 including shipping.    Bargain!  Included in this shipment were the following:
  1. Heinz Chili Sauce - full size sample with meatball recipe card
  2. BelVita - breakfast energy bar
  3. Mary Kay - lipgloss in the color Red Passion
  4. Vitabath - four small sample packets of body wash
  5. Campbell's - Golden Butternut Squash Soup, full size
  6. Nancy's - coupon for a free appetizer
  7. Pillsbury - coupons for free pie crust and cookie dough
  8. International Delight - coupons for three free coffee creamers
I've never tried Heinz Chili Sauce before, I shall give it a try even though I'm not crazy about the calories it adds to a recipe.  Hubby has never met a meatball he didn't like!  I plan to try the BelVita energy bar soon.  But as a rule, I do not purchase anything with soy in it.  I'm so sick of finding so many products with soy in it.  Soy turns into estrogen, so it's on my do not eat list.  The lipgloss is very opaque and has excellent coverage.  It's not sticky and takes very little product to cover.  It has the coverage of a lipstick.  I've never seen this much coverage from a lip gloss!  I look foward to trying the four scented Vitabath body washes.  I'll be trying Pink Frosting tonight, sounds yummy.  I love Butternut Squash soup and purchase it on a regular basis, so this will be eaten very soon for lunch.  I've seen Nancy's line of appetizers before, but wasn't daring enough to try them. Now that I have a coupon for a free box, I look forward to trying them out.  I'm not crazy about the ingredients in the International Delight creamer.  I will share it with others who don't mind artificial ingredients.  I love Pillsbury cookie dough and I have tried the pie crust before.  They are both winners and items I purchase especially during the holidays.  I will update this post with my opinions of the products I have free coupons for as soon as I get to the store to purchase them and have a chance to sample them.

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