Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cravebox - Knorr Ultimate Thanksgiving 2012

November Cravebox for Thanksgiving

This is a monthly subscription service from Cravebox.  This box featured items that you would use for your Thanksgiving feast.  It was only $14 including shipping and a joy to receive.  Included in this box were:
  1. Del Monte - two cans of whole green beans
  2. Brookside - dark chocolate covered pomegranate candy
  3. Duncan Hines - frosting creations frosting with flavor packet
  4. Knorr - condensed homestyle stock
  5. McCormick - two turkey gravy packets
  6. Folded Words - coupon for $35 worth of cards or other printed material on their website
It came just in time for Thanksgiving and we used the green beans for hubby's green bean casserole dish.  The turkey we had purchased came with gravy, so we didn't have any need for that, so we plan to use those in the future instead.  I actually haven't tried the dark chocolate pomegranate yet which is crazy, that just goes to show how busy I have been lately.  Chocolate in the house and not sampled, crazy!  I shall try it soon.  I would have preferred a different flavor on the frosting.  I am guessing that they came up with the add your own flavor idea to reduce the amount of shelf space they need in the grocery store.  The flavor I purchase the most, well always is chocolate!  So the strawberry flavor will have to wait, it's more of a spring flavor than fall or winter.  I used the $35 coupon at on some greeting cards with photos of my dogs and received them the other day.  They are nice cards.  I wasn't expecting the cards to be matte.  Hubby purchased customized cards from Apple before and they were a nice shinny card stock.  I prefer shinny over matte when it comes to cards  with photos.  This is a fun inexpensive monthly box subscription that I highly recommend.  

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