Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Summer BBQ Cravebox 2012

Inside of box, wonderful presentation:
 Contents of box before removing them:
 Contents of box:
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This is the limited edition Summer BBQ box from Cravebox.  Cravebox is a monthly subscription service that also has some limited edition boxes that you enter a drawing for and costs $10 including shipping.  Included in this box is:
  1. True Lemon Original Lemonade - made with fresh lemons that are cold pressed
  2. BIC Flame Disk - charcoal alternative
  3. BIC Multi-Purpose Lighter - coupon for a free one
  4. Mighty Leaf Tea - Sunburst Green Iced Tea bag
  5. Mozaik Appetizer Ware - disposable appetizer plates and forks
I wanted to try True Lemon Lemonade, so I look forward to trying that tomorrow.  I am happy to see it uses the natural no calorie sugar substitute Stevia and has only 5 calories per serving.  The Flame Disk I will need to give away since we have a gas grill.  I'm always in need of a lighter for my candles that I burn almost every night, so that will come in handy nightly!  I also look forward to trying the huge tea bag that makes a half gallon of iced tea.  Hubby will have fun with the Appetizer Ware because he is big on presentation when he cooks.  Those little forks are so cute and they don't look like plastic!  So there you have it, a very interesting subscription box of goodies for the summer!   I will update this blog with reviews after I try the products, so stay tuned. This is my second limited edition Cravebox, you can read about my first one by clicking here.  Thanks for taking the time to read this, comments welcome.  Have a PEACEful Day!

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