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The Cowfish Restaurant Review - Raleigh, NC

4208 Six Forks Road
Suite 100
Raleigh, NC  27609
(919) 784-0400

Exterior View

Interior View

Fusion Specialty Bento Box - $16

Fusion Specialty Bento Box - $16

This is a review of a restaurant named The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar located in Raleigh, North Carolina. They have four other locations in the country located in Charlotte, Atlanta, Birmingham and Orlando. The Raleigh location is open from 11 am to 11 pm everyday except Friday and Saturday when they stay open an hour later. We visited last Saturday around 4:30 pm. It was very busy already, but we were able to get a table right away. Shortly after we arrived everyone had to wait for a table. If you don't want to wait for a table, you'll need to miss the lunch and dinner rush by arriving before or after the busiest hours. Free garage parking is available in the building. After parking, take the elevator to the lobby. When you get off the elevator walk into the lobby, walk to the other side of the building, go outside and the restaurant will be on your left. There is also some parking on the street, but not many spaces.

This restaurant has a fun, festive vibe. There is a very large fish tank in the middle of the indoor part of the restaurant. There is also covered outdoor seating and some patio seating. We sat near the fish tank, so the interior photo above shows our view from our table. There is also seating at the sushi bar. The artwork is visually entertaining. It's very loud in there with a lot of customer chatter since it's a large restaurant. They also encourage children to visit the restaurant with games outside and crayons, paper and plastic cups with lids at the table. In addition, they encourage birthday celebrations and accommodate large groups. They set up a table for twelve when we were there. They also sing to you if it's your birthday and ask each table when they arrive if it's anyone's birthday.

They have quite a large menu, so you may want to look online and decide what you want prior to your arrival. The waitress arrived quite quickly considering how busy the staff was. She took our drink orders and we then looked over the menu deciding what to order. I ordered the Fusion Speciality Bento Box. It features both a burger and sushi. It comes with the mini burger of the week, sweet potato fries, Thai cucumbers, edamame and your choice of a four piece Fusion Specialty Roll or three pieces of nigiri. The choices of sushi are Mark's, Firecracker, Blackened Tuna or the Tempura Shrimp Roll. I ordered it with the Firecracker Roll, skipped the edamame and added French fries as a substitute. The mini burger of the week had bacon and blue cheese on it, so I substituted a plain burger with American cheese and onions. Hubby ordered the same thing, but with the Mark's Roll and the burger of the week. Eleven minutes later our entrees arrived. The air conditioning was blowing constantly, so the hot food didn't stay hot very long at all. It was quite chilly, so you may want to bring a sweater or ask for outdoor seating on a warm day. Everything was very tasty, but I had not noticed it was half a sushi roll, so I was disappointed in the quantity of the food for $16.00. For two dollars less you can order the Cowfish Bento Box which includes half of a non speciality roll and a regular burger. Fries and cucumber salad are very inexpensive, so a tiny burger and half a sushi roll seems overpriced to me. There are several restaurants in the area that serve bento boxes and they include a lot more sushi. The mini burger wasn't that tasty, but it was cooked to the perfect pink color inside. Hubby's burger had the smallest amount of blue cheese, it was ridiculous. It also included a ridiculously small piece of bacon. We both laughed when he lifted the top bun to view the toppings. My burger was missing the red onion. The sweet potato fries were scrumptious. The fries were tasty and had what I guess was parsley, salt and garlic added to them. Unfortunately, they were cold in no time due to the extra chilly air conditioning. There was a tiny amount of dipping sauce for the sushi and it was difficult to dip a piece in the tiny space. My Firecracker roll was very tasty. It has shrimp tempura, kana inside coated with tempura flakes, topped with yellowtail, salmon, spicy mayo, massage, tobiko and it served with ponzu dipping sauce. Hubby wasn't crazy about the Mark's roll, he said it had too much cream cheese and not enough jalapeño. It has fresh tuna, jalapeño, cream cheese, kana, scallions & panko and it's flash fried. It's topped with Japanese mayo and sriracha and served with ponzu dipping sauce. The Thai cucumber and red onion salad was really tasty, but it was pickled so I couldn't eat much of it. 

We enjoyed the atmosphere and the food was tasty. The waitress was friendly and attentive. We shall visit again, but I'll have to find something of better value on the menu. The people next to us bought the Crab Rangoon Dip appetizer and it looked really tasty, so much so that we plan to order it next time. The Moose is Loose dessert was ordered by many tables and shared, wow did that look delicious! That's the dessert they bring out for those having a birthday celebration. Cocktails and milkshakes were also popular. What's your favorite restaurant in Raleigh?

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