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Macy's Beauty Box Review - July 2018

All Stars

This is a review of a monthly cosmetic subscription box from Macy's for $15 including shipping. The approximate value of this month's box is $67.18 not including the $10 coupon nor the cosmetic bag. Bargain! I received the following products:
  1. Lancôme - Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover, made in the USA, 1.7 fl. oz., $12.14 retail value
  2. Elizabeth Arden - Prevage Anti-aging Intensive Repair Daily Serum, made in the USA, 1.7 oz., $39.10 retail value
  3. Clarins - Tonic Body Treatment Oil, made in France, .33 fl. oz., $6.21  retail value
  4. Benefit Cosmetics - POREfessional Face Primer, made in the USA , .1 fl. oz., $4.13 retail value
  5. Rituals - The Ritual of Hammam Refreshing Foaming Shower Gel, made in Germany, 1.6 fl. oz., $3.58 retail value
  6. Georgio Armani - Si Passione Eau de Parfum Spray, made in France, .04 fl. oz., $2.02 retail value 
  7. $10 coupon for beauty products at Macy's in store or online
This month's samples are all top sellers and they have five star ratings! I've received a sample of the Benefit Cosmetics face primer previously and I'm a fan. It actually reduces the appearance of your pores. I use it on my nose and on smiles lines which is where my pores are most noticeable. It takes the smallest amount and it's amazing. I highly recommend you give it a try! I'm always a bit nervous about body oils since they tend to leave an oiliness on the skin which I don't care for. They tend to just sit on the skin rather than sinking in. The Clarins oil smells very earthy and it sinks in a bit, but it does leave a bit of stickiness. It's best to really rub it in so it's less sticky. This one is for preventing or treating stretch marks and the reviews say it's expensive, but it works. I wish it had a dropper or a top that would stop it from coming out of the bottle so quickly. You have to be very careful with it. It has hazelnut oil and rosemary, geranium and mint extracts. I love the idea of a foaming shower gel! I've never heard of the brand Rituals before, have you? It foams up like shaving cream and it has a strong perfume which is a bit too strong during application. After rinsing it leaves a light fragrance that is quite long lasting. It takes very little, so apply sparingly. The Georgia Armani perfume has top notes of sparkling pear, heart notes of rose, base notes of woody vanilla and it's a romantic and feminine scent. It's ok, but it's not one I would purchase. The Lancôme makeup remover requires the use of a cotton ball or pad to use it since it's as thin as water. I prefer makeup removers that don't require cotton pads since I usually use it in the shower. I have sampled it before. If I have some really stubborn waterproof mascara that's hard to get off, this is the product I reach for. I look forward to seeing if I have any results from the Elizabeth Arden Prevage over time. For first impressions, it's appears to be a gel and a lotion mixed together and it sinks in quickly. Oh my, it's price tag is $230.00 for ONE ounce! Wow! That is an insane price!

It's a really nice bag of samples this month and I'm very happy that the coupon is doubled this month! I'll be purchasing some sheet masks with it. My favorite product is the Clarins Treatment Oil though I will also enjoy trying out the Elizabeth Arden Prevage since it's so insanely expensive. My least favorite item is the perfume. If you received this month's box, which item is your favorite? If you haven't subscribed, may I ask what is keeping you from ordering?

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