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Macy's Beauty Box - 1st Shipment - August 2017

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This is a review of a brand new subscription box brought to you by Macy's. The August box is their first shipment which was shipped a week ago from California.   The box includes six cosmetic samples, cosmetic bag and a $5 coupon for $15 including shipping and handling. The approximate retail value of this box is $35.36 not including the value of the cosmetic bag. Included in this month's box were the following samples:
  1. Carolina Herrera - Good Girl Eau de Parfum, made in Spain, .05 fl. oz., $2.64 retail value
  2. Mac - False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara, $7.66 approximate retail value
  3. Smashbox - Cover Shot Eyeshadow Duo in Golden Hour, made in Italy, .05 oz., $5.37 approximate retail value
  4. Benefit Cosmetics - Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel, Shade 3, made in the USA, .03 oz., $7.20 retail value
  5. Philosophy - Purity Made Simple Cleanser, made in the USA, 2 fl. oz. $6.00 retail value
  6. Tarte Maracujá Oil, made in Brazil, .23 fl. oz., $6.49 retail value
  7. Cosmetic Bag
The full sized version of the Carolina Herrera perfume comes in a perfume bottle shaped like a high heel shoe, it's cool looking! It's key notes are jasmine, tuberose and tonka bean. It's fragrance is quite enjoyable though it's price is quite shocking coming in at $90. For that price I prefer Angel from Mugler. I'm guessing the Mac mascara sample is about 1/3 the size of the full sized one. I look forward to trying it. It's suppose to have a lightweight, mousse formula that looks like lash extensions. I've had a sample of the Benefit Brow Gel before and I liked it. At $24 it's a bit pricey to me. Unless it came in a set at a lower cost, it's highly unlikely that I would purchase it. My favorite brow product is Tarte's though the brush broke off after the first use. I complained to customer service, but they wanted me to ship it back to them at my cost to get a replacement. Since being disappointed by their customer service I haven't bought any more Tarte products. I've had many samples of the Philosophy facial cleanser before and it's not my favorite, but it's great to keep in the shower or travel with. It's one of those face washes that you can use very quickly when in a rush since it rinses off easily. I prefer Josie Maran's facial cleanser. I've had a sample of the Tarte Maracuja Oil before and it reminds me of Aragon Oil. It has a similar feel on the skin. If you are afraid of using oil on your face, you owe it to yourself to get your hands on a sample and give it a try. I thought I wouldn't like it, but I do and it's especially good in the winter months when my skin is at it's driest. The cosmetic bag is sturdy and quite a bit will fit inside. It has a zipper, it's lined and it has a "Macy's" label inside.

This is a pretty good box, but I wish they had sent me the proper brow color. I need light and they sent me medium. I thought the samples were suppose to be customized. I wish they had sent a lipstick or lipgloss, maybe next box. At a retail value of $35.36 and in competition with Sephora, they didn't hit it out of the park which surprises me. I thought their first box would be their best shot at impressing their customers. Perhaps the next one will be more impressive, only time will tell. Since their box is $5 more than Sephora's, 33% higher in price, one would have thought the price point would be closer to $50 since many of Sephora's have been that high. Though Macy's offers a $5 coupon in each box. I just checked their website to see what I could purchase for around $5 and there are quite a few items to chose from and they currently offer free shipping. Do they normally offer free shipping on beauty items? The coupon can be redeemed from August 1st until September 30th. I'm thinking of using it on lipstick, face wipes or nail polish. What do you think of what they sent in their first shipment? Are you a subscriber, plan to be one soon or not impressed enough to subscribe? Please comment below.

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  1. I don't subscribe to any of the cosmetic boxes because they always include fragrances and I am so highly sensitive to them. I don't use them per se; only fragranced body lotions and creams. And they have to pass my tests!

    I love the Benefit Gimmie Brow. I too wear the light shade. I don't have much of a brow to speak of anyway.

    Maybe the next box will be better once they start getting feedback and reviews. From everything I've seen/read, it seems Sephora has the best offering.

    1. From what I've read others are agreeing that they are disappointed in the 1st box, so hopefully they will listen. Since it's $5 more than Sephora's I think they will have to step it up or many people will unsubscribe.


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