Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Marble Manicure - December 2015

OPI's Goldeneye, Julep's Priscilla & Julep's Iman

For the last couple of years, I like to repeat this Christmas marble design using different gold, red and green nail polishes during the month of December since it's my favorite. It's done with a dotting tool and it's easy to do after a little practice. I simply applied two coats of the gold color called Goldeneye from OPI. Working quickly, I then applied three dots of the green color from Julep called Priscilla. I applied one dot at the top left, one dot in the middle on the right and one dot at the bottom near the tip of the nail on the left. Then I applied the red color from Julep called Iman. First a dot at the top right near the cuticle, then one dot in the middle on the left and then one dot at the bottom on the right. Then moving very quickly, I took my dotting tool and swirled those dots together. Starting at the top left green dot and working my way all the way down through the dots to the bottom. Then depending on how that turned out, I use the dotting tool again swirling through any areas that didn't get mixed or any spots where there was too much gold showing. 

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My step by step directions are located here:

Some recommendations on dry marble nail art:
  1. Beginners should use all glitter nail polish since errors up show less.
  2. Wait about ten minutes before you apply your top coat so that the nail polishes can stop blending together first.
  3. Use nail polishes that are opaque, so that you don't see the nail underneath.
  4. Practice with different nail polish combinations on a nail wheel first until you find a combination that you like the most.
  5. Practice, practice and practice some more until you get the feel for the amount of polish to dot on your nail and the swirling action needed. 
  6. If a nail polish is too thin and is dropping too much polish, chose another.
  7. If a nail polish is too thick and won't fall off the brush fast enough, chose another.
  8. Use the lightest color as the base and the darker colors for the dots.
  9. Move the dotting tool around swirling with a light action as to not drag the dotting tool against the nail. 
  10. Any spots that are missing polish after swirling, take your dotting tool and apply a little bit of the base color polish to those spots.
  11. Have fun and don't be too critical of your design.
  12. Enjoy the compliments that will be coming your way!
  13. Work quickly before the polish starts to dry and do one nail at a time.
  14. Use the yellow dotting tool's finest point, shown here. (not recommending seller, just showing you which tool)
I hope if you give this nail art a try that you will post a comment below telling me about your experience and a link to your nail art photo. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I'll assist you the best I can. What's your favorite nail art technique?

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