Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Dry Marble Nail Art

Julep's Kai, London & Jessica

This is my latest manicure using the dry marble technique with three Julep nail polish colors. If you aren't familiar with the dry marble nail art technique aka drag marbling, take a moment to read more about it here. If you have ever tried wet marbling you'll know that it's difficult, messy and time consuming and it uses a ton of nail polish. The dry marbling technique isn't messy or difficult, is less time consuming and uses less polish. The most time consuming part is coming up with three colors that look good together and finding polishes that aren't too thin or thick for this technique. They must also be nail polishes that are opaque with one coat. I'm a bit out of practice, so I had a bit of difficulty with the index finger, did it over and yet I'm still not happy with the results on that nail. I used the following nail polishes:

  1. Kai - It Girl Collection, bright blue color with a rough sea salt finish
  2. London - Classic with a Twist, heather blossom crème
  3. Jessica - It Girl Collection, soft baby blue crème
I started with painting two heavy coats of Kai, then immediately added three dots of London at the top right, left center and right bottom.  Then added three dots of Jessica top left, right center and left bottom. Then I quickly grabbed my yellow colored dotting tool and using the larger end scrolled from the top down to the bottom moving my dotting tool through all six dots. Then I moved on to the next finger repeating the same technique and continued one by one until all ten nails were done. For best results, remember to pull the two dotted colors with your dotting tool up towards the cuticle and the edges of the nail, not just towards the bottom of the nail. Afterwards I waited about fifteen minutes for the polish to settle, stop mixing together and to lay flat & evenly on the nail before I applied one coat of Seche Vite top coat. Don't worry about the nail polish being thicker on some parts of the nail, if you wait fifteen minutes the polish will even itself out. If the polish is so thick it starts running off the sides, just move your dotting tool's metal edge to sides of the nail and the polish will fall onto the dotting tool and then you can wipe it off at the nail's edge. Also, remember to brush the first color on the edge of your nail as you would normally when applying nail polish. The sea salt finish of Kai still felt a bit rough through the first layer of top coat but after applying a second top coat it wasn't rough anymore. A couple days later I added another layer of top coat to protect the nails.

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