Friday, May 8, 2015

Julep's Carol & Wendy Dry Marble Nail Art

This is a manicure using the dry marble technique of nail art. I used Sephora by OPI's White Hot for the white base and two jelly polishes from Julep. White Hot is the perfect polish for nail art since it's very opaque. The pink polish is called Carol and is described by Julep as a sheer coral pink jelly nail glaze. The red one is Wendy and is described as a sheer watermelon red jelly glaze. Above you can see the Carol bottle of polish. Since my name is Wendy and my Mother's name is Carol, I thought they would make a pretty manicure together. This dry marble technique is explained in a previous post so check that out if you are unfamiliar with it. This is the first time I used jelly polishes for dry marbling and I was surprised that they worked so well. If you're not aware of what a jelly polish is, it's a see through type of polish that is not opaque no matter how many coats you use. When I dotted the jelly polish on the white base it moved quite a bit all on it's own. It looked pretty even at that point before I swirled them around. So if you are nervous about marbling you could just stop at that point if you liked how it looks. The jelly polishes blend together more than regular polish so it gives a marble look with less definition. After wearing this for a couple of days I added a light coat of Carol over the entire nail and that was pretty too since it showed all of the colors underneath and softened the white to a light pink. This manicure lasted ten days before chipping with the use of Orly's Bonder as a base and Seche Vite Top Coat on top. What do you think of my results?

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