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Mooney's Mediterranean Cafe Restaurant Review - Winston Salem, NC

101 West 4th Street
Winston Salem, NC  27101
(336) 722-4222

View from Inside Table

Baba Ghanouj Medium Appetizer - $7.00 Lunch, $8.00 Dinner

Kafta Platter - $15.00

Hummus, Pita Bread & Side Salad

Kafta Burger with Fries - $8 +$2 Fries at Lunch , $12 (no fries) at Dinner 

This is a review of a restaurant called Mooney's Mediterranean Cafe located in downtown Winston Salem, North Carolina. We visited last Saturday around 1:30 pm. Parking is a little bit tricky, you may need to drive around awhile before you will find a parallel parking spot. Weekdays you will need to feed the meter. This restaurant had a 95 sanitation score when we visited which is excellent. The menu is a bit confusing, there is one on the wall on a chalkboard and then paper menus sitting on a table near the cash register. You have to order & pay at the register and then they bring out the food. 

The food was delivered quite quickly, but I was disappointed to see that it was being cooked by an American. Their website gave me the impression that this would be cooked by the Lebanese owner. The guy that brought out the food was not friendly at all. He just asked who ordered which entree, placed it on the table and left without even saying "you're welcome" in response to my thank you. He really gave off the vibe that he didn't want to be there which is unacceptable in my book especially at these high prices. The tile floor is in need of repair and as a result the table we sat at was not stable and rocking. The only part that I liked about the atmosphere was the view outside. 

The appetizer that we ordered, Baba Ghanouj, was very disappointing. It lacked spices, it's texture was like baby food and there was too much oil on top. We only had a few bites of it as a result. If you want awesome Baba Ghanoush go to Chef Samir Shaltout's Restaurant. Also, the pita bread was barely warm and it didn't seem very fresh. 

Hubby ordered the Kafta Platter which is described as "grilled kabobs of seasoned beef and lamb served over rice with sides of fettoosh, hummus and warm pita". At $15 is was nothing but a disappointment. Again, it lacked spices and he didn't eat it all. I ordered the Kafta Burger and it is described as "an 8 ounce patty of ground beef and lamb stuffed with feta cheese on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and tzatziki sauce". I was shocked that the bun was greasy and I was not happy that it was a regular hamburger bun instead of the advertised kaiser roll. I didn't notice any feta cheese. Again it lacked spices, it was extremely bland and disappointing. Also, there weren't many fries in the basket especially considering the price. 

The mix of washable dishes and disposable plastic containers that the food is served on is odd. It would be best served on one or the other. My concise description of this restaurant's food is bland, overpriced and disappointing. We shall never return. If you like bland food and high prices, go for it, otherwise take your money elsewhere. The downtown Winston Salem restaurant I recommend is Mary's Gourmet Diner. Be sure to take a walk after lunch or dinner. Sadly, the 1920's Pepper Building, in the photo above, that is across from Mooney's is set to be demolished within six months. So take a look before it's gone forever. It's a shame it couldn't be remodeled instead of destroyed.

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