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Hello Fresh Subscription Box Review - Part 4, 5 & 6

Ingredients for Shrimp Fra Diavolo

Recipe Results

Ingredients for Rosemary Beef Flatbread

Recipe Results

Ingredients for Chicken & Artichoke Cassoulet

Recipe Results

This is a review of the second box we have received from Hello Fresh, a food subscription box for $69 a week. They send you three recipes and all the ingredients needed to make those three dishes for two people. This week our favorite dish was the Rosemary Beef Flatbread, followed by the Chicken Artichoke Cassoulet dish and third place goes to the Shrimp Fra Diavolo recipe.

Shrimp Fra Diavolo

We weren't quite sure if we would like this dish since we had eaten two recipes that week from a different subscription box, Plated, that also used a can of tomatoes and we were quite tired of that flavor. This recipe actually turned out to be very good. I didn't eat all of the sauce though and I would have liked some grated cheese on top and a second helping of bread. We both became hungry shortly after eating it. It needed some more bread or something to keep us from getting hungry so fast. I image they were trying to keep the calorie count down by not serving more bread but it just came off as cheap to me since bread is so inexpensive. I drizzled red pepper olive oil from Vom Fass on Hubby's piece of bread and truffle olive oil on mine. It really tasted good. The rubbing of the garlic on the bread was quite useless and we would have preferred garlic salt on top to obtain some garlic flavor. I didn't appreciate that they didn't place the bread in a separate bag. It was sitting right next to the dirty onion when it arrived.

Rosemary Beef Flatbread

We were a bit nervous to make this dish since we are fans of traditional pizza and this recipe looks a bit strange. Broccoli on pizza with no sauce just seems like it wouldn't be very tasty. I even contemplated ordering a pizza from Papa John's instead! Hubby was willing to tackle this recipe and he did an awesome job. He decided to add some black olives on top and after tasting it we found the pizza needed some sauce of some kind so we added truffle olive oil on mine and red pepper olive oil on his. It was a tasty pizza and I was impressed with the crust which I was unsure of prior to tasting it. This pizza would be better with some kind of sauce perhaps pesto and it needs more cheese!

Chicken & Artichoke Cassoulet

Hubby loves artichokes so we guessed he would enjoy this dish. We've never eaten or cooked with cannelloni beans before. I love to find good casserole dish recipes. This one was very tasty but we would have liked to have more cheese and less lemon zest. We only used one third of the lemon zest the recipe called for and yet it was still a bit too much. The beans had a good texture and were a nice addition to the recipe.

Check out what we received in our first box:

I also reviewed Blue Apron & Plated which are similar food subscription boxes. So check those out before you leave and don't forget to claim your Free Graze Box. What do you think of my recipe results? 

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