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Plated Subscription Box Review - Part 17, 18 & 19

Ingredients for Peruvian Lomo Saltado Steak Stir Fry with Potatoes

Recipe Results

Ingredients for Tomato Braised Tunisian Chicken

Recipe Results

Ingredients for Shakshuka with Green Garlic Pesto

Recipe Results

This is a review of the sixth box we have received from Plated. Our favorite dish was surprisingly the Shakshuka, our second favorite was the Peruvian Lomo Saltado Steak Stir Fry and last place went to the Tunisian Chicken dish. We only enjoyed one of the three dishes this week. I wish that Plated had not sent two recipes using peeled tomatoes. The previous week they also duplicated a side dish, the fingerling potatoes. 

Peruvian Lomo Saltado Stir Fry with Potatoes

This dish took a lot of prep time washing and chopping the produce. Look at the green pepper, it's huge! Must be the largest green pepper I've ever seen. The potatoes didn't hold up well during the cooking process. They would have been better on the side than cooked with the other ingredients. It was too much cooking time for them and they became mushy. I was excited to try this dish since there were so many spices that went into it but once I did, it turned into disappointment. It didn't have much taste for all that went into it. It was ok but not a dish I plan to repeat. There was plenty to go around with easily enough for a small lunch the next day, but instead Hubby ate that during dinner.

Tomato Braised Tunisian Chicken

We were really looking forward to this dish due to sprices and marinating it overnight but it just didn't deliver. There were too many tomatoes and too much sauce. The sauce made the chicken really tender but there was no way we were going to eat all that sauce which consisted of only tomatoes, onion & spices. This dish really needed to be plated with just some of the sauce and something as a side dish. It was a boring dish that left us hungry. We should have known since there were so few ingredients in this recipe.

Shakshuka with Green Garlic Pesto

Wow was this dish yummy! This was our favorite for the week. We had actually put off making it because it didn't look like we were going to like it. We also put it off a few days because the Tunisian Chicken recipe also used a large can of peeled tomatoes. The pesto sauce was so delicious. It was interesting to us that the green garlic tasted like basil to us. Baking the eggs made them the perfect consistency, almost runny which is my favorite. We baked them in our stainless steel Calphalon pan. The feta cheese was a perfect addition to this dish. We had this dish for dinner, but it would make an awesome breakfast too.

Check out the other Plated dishes we cooked:

We will be skipping next week's shipment since I didn't like the look of any of the meat dishes. The seafood dish looked really good, but I have to skip due their shipping issues with seafood. The following recipes are scheduled to arrive on April 8th:

Pork & Chive Burgers with Sriracha Aioli & Kimchi Slaw
Cheesy Beef Enchilladas with Avocado, Spinach & Black Beans
Chicken Tikka Masala

The following week after that I plan to purchase these dishes for delivery on April 15th:

Chicken Souvlaki with Spinach Feta Rice
Roast Beef Spiced Steak & Salad with Horseradish Dressing
Mustard Roasted Pork with Spring Pea Salad & Crispy Shallots

I also reviewed Blue Apron & Hello Fresh which are similar food subscription boxes. So check those out before you leave and don't forget to enter my Blue Apron & Hello Fresh Giveaways & get your Free Graze Box. What do you think of my recipe results? 

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