Monday, March 16, 2015

Plated Food Subscription Box Review - Part 9

Ingredients for Mojo-Style Fish with Chayote Squash & Poblano Chile

Recipe Results  

This is a review of the ninth recipe we have tried from a subscription box called Plated. We are really enjoying this subscription and I can't recommend it enough to you. Be sure to click on the ingredients photo above to enlarge it so that you can view the ingredients better. We have never cooked with chayote squash or poblano chile before, so this recipe is exciting for us to try. This one took about forty-five minutes as the recipe stated. I cooked this one by myself since Hubby arrived home late from work. I was nervous cooking with the chayote squash as it seemed to take a long time to soften. Our Plated box arrived a day late due to a snow storm in the north east and when it arrived here it was in the 60's, so the tilapia was no longer frozen when it arrived. So we went to Trader Joe's and bought some wild caught frozen sole and substituted that for this dish. Plated was more than generous and gave us an $80 credit for this mishap. I was surprised this dish was really good since I, an inexperienced cook, made it. The orange & poblano chile sweetened it just a bit and the lime refreshed it. The spices were yet again perfection in this Plated dish! I guess I'll need to make a trip to a Mexican grocery store soon, because I must have this dish again soon and I don't think I've seen chayote squash in any of the grocery stores I frequent. While it was a good serving size, the incredible flavor had us both asking for seconds.  
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