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Tacos Oaxaca Mexican Restaurant Review - Lillington, NC

809 West Front Street
Lillington, NC  27546
(910) 514-9047

Exterior View

Right Side Interior View 

Left Side Interior View

Chips & Salsa

Street Tacos - $9.99

Lunch Texas Quesadilla - $7.99

This is a review of a fairly new restaurant located in Lillington, North Carolina called Taco Oaxaca. This is their second location and both are located in Lillington. This location has lots of tables and booths inside whereas the other location is best for carry out since there are only a couple of tables outside and a few counter seats inside. We love the food at the other location and have purchased take out orders many times over the years. Their sanitation score is currently 96.5 which is very good. They are open from 11 am to 10 pm daily except on Sundays when they close an hour earlier. We were there on a Friday at 12:30 pm and they had several customers, but there were plenty of tables left. We were greeted and then seated right away. The Mexican greeter was very friendly. The interior decor is festive and the artwork beautiful. We were seated  at a booth near one of the speakers and we found the music to be too loud.

They have a dinner menu and a lunch menu and we were given both. Hubby ordered the Street Tacos off the dinner menu. They cost $9.99 for three tacos and two sides. He ordered one steak, one chicken and one shrimp taco. His side choices were rice and black beans. I ordered off the lunch menu the Lunch Texas Quesadilla with grilled chicken for $7.99. I didn't want any rice, so I ordered a double portion of refried beans. While we waited we had some chips and salsa. The chips were a bit too thick and the salsa was very tasty, but a bit on the thin side. I prefer a bit thicker salsa or chunky salsa. It took four minutes to be served the chips and salsa. It took another sixteen minutes for our entrees to be delivered. I immediately noticed that I was served a quesadilla with steak, shrimp and chicken instead of just the chicken that I ordered. The young American waitress was trying to take orders without writing them down and clearly she should not be attempting that. She even returned to ask about our sides again yet she still got the order wrong. I just ate what I was served because I don't trust anyone to take back an incorrect order. I really didn't like the mix of the three flavors, I prefer them separate. I also noticed that I wasn't served the guacamole and pico de gallo that was suppose to be served with the quesadillas. My husband informed one of the staff that it was missing and he said that it was only served with the dinner entrees. I took a photo of the lunch menu, so I just referred to it and it clearly states that it comes with guacamole and pico de gallo. He came out shortly with some guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream and lettuce. The refried beans were ok, but not my favorite. Hubby said his black beans were tasty and he enjoyed his Street Tacos, but they were not as tasty as the other location. They were a bit different, they were served with the addition of tomato and no cabbage. They also brought out three sauces in squeeze bottles: one green sauce, one guacamole sauce and a brownish red sauce I do not know the name of. We absolutely love the green sauce and guacamole sauce at the other location, but we noticed that these weren't as tasty at the new location. The green sauce was about 1/5th the spice. It was very mild while the other location serves it very spicy and it is so very tasty. We also agree with other reviews that the small, plastic, compartmentalized plates they use for lunch are tacky and unappealing. I noticed other customers who ordered from the dinner menu were served their meals on large, white ceramic plates which is what one expects at these high prices. Yet, Hubby ordered off the dinner menu and his was served on the plastic plates.

In conclusion, while the atmosphere is lovely the food just isn't as tasty as the other location. While we find the prices to be high, we don't mind it as much at the other location because the food is so superb. At this location, the American waitress was overly attentive to the point of being annoying yet she didn't refill my drink. Also, when she asked if I was done with a plate and offering to take it away, I said no and she said "really, you are done?". That was very rude to argue with the customer and just showed her immaturity. So we have been purchasing carry out at their other location and visiting Mi Casita for sit down meals instead when in the Lillington area. Be sure to check out my review of their other location before leaving, click here. What's your favorite Mexican restaurant in the Triangle?

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