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Green Chef 6th Delivery & Four FREE Organic Meals for You!

Caribbean Chicken, Collard Coconut Rice & Pineapple Jalapeño Salsa

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Lemon Herb Tuna, Creamy Dill Potato Salad, Cucumber Slaw & Gremolata


Berbere Lamb Burger, Carrot & Turmeric Cauliflower Salad & Squash


This is a review of our 6th delivery from an organic food subscription box called Green Chef. I chose the carnivore plan this week and two of the recipes were gluten free. We gave two recipes four out of five stars and one recipe three stars. Calories ranged from 500 to 850 and preparation times ranged from thirty to forty minutes. As usual, all of the ingredients arrived in great shape. They use twelve ice packs to ensure everything stays cold enough even in the hottest summer months!

Caribbean Chicken, Collard Coconut Rice & Pineapple Jalapeño Salsa

We gave this recipe four out of five stars. It was really delicious and like nothing else I have tried before. Green Chef prepared the pineapple and chopped the red onion for us. The pineapple jalapeño salsa was a scrumptious addition to the chicken! We didn't remove the jalapeño seeds since we love spicy food. We also skipped roasting the chicken in the oven since it was a hot day, so Hubby just cooked them in the skillet and they were just as yummy. The Caribbean spice rub on the chicken was especially tasty. The rice mixed the collard greens and coconut milk was very good. I'm shocked this recipe had only 500 calories since the flavors were superb. It certainly didn't taste like a low calorie meal! This one took about fifty minutes to prepare while it indicated forty. It was a generous portion with no leftovers.

Lemon Herb Tuna, Creamy Dill Potato Salad, Cucumber Slaw & Gremolata

I made this one since Hubby was out of town. I gave it four out of five stars. It was suppose to take thirty minutes, but I'm a slow cook and clean up after myself as I go, so it took forty-five minutes. They cut the cabbage and red onions, pre-made the white balsamic vinaigrette and the dill yogurt dressing in advance for us. I was disappointed with the tuna's cooking instructions because my tuna landed up being cooked well and I would have preferred medium. I also didn't care for the lemon juice on it, it was too tart. It needed some spice or sauce instead. The potato salad was absolutely scrumptious. The cucumber slaw was delicious along with it's yummy dill yogurt dressing. It was a very generous portion with lots of leftover salad. It was only 600 calories yet it was very filling.

Berbere Lamb Burger, Carrot & Tumeric Cauliflower Salad & Squash

We gave this recipe three out of five stars. I skipped the whole wheat bun since it was a bit dry and not soft enough for me. Plus, I often skip the bun for less calories or use only the top and throw away the bottom half for more flavor. The tomato we received wasn't very ripe, so I left it out on the counter for a few days. They marinated our lamb and cauliflower for us in advance and pre-made the lemon garlic tahini sauce. We would have preferred less lemon on our squash and zucchini. I prefer olive oil and Emeril's seasoning on those two vegetables which are my favorite vegetables. We would have liked more cauliflower, it was small portion so we really couldn't taste the seasoning after it was mixed with the spinach, roasted red peppers and carrots. We would have liked about 1/3 more lamb, the burgers were on the small size compared to previous portions of lamb we have received from them. This recipe had 850 calories, but less for me since I skipped the bun. It said it would take forty minutes to prepare, but it landed taking an hour. It was a smaller portion of food than we are use to from Green Chef, but it was still filling and we had no leftovers.

It was another wonderful week of recipes from Green Chef. They are currently my favorite food subscription box since most of the recipes are four or five stars and the ingredients always arrive cold enough and nothing is wilted or damaged.  Not to mention everything is organic! Love that! I also love how they chop some of the vegetables and fruit for us and they make some of the sauces and dressing for us in advance. That saves us so much time. They also marinate for us which I especially love since it tastes so much better the longer it marinates! I highly recommend you give this service a try and now is the time since they are offering the largest discount for new subscribers I've seen so far. If you would like to give Green Chef a try, be sure to use my link below so that your first four meals are free, which is 66% off! Check out my reviews of our firstsecondthirdfourth and fifth Green Chef deliveries. In addition, check out my reviews of Blue ApronGreen BlenderHello FreshHome ChefMarley SpoonPlatedSun Basket and Terra's KitchenDo you subscribe to any meal delivery services and which of the above recipes looks the tastiest to you?

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