QVC's KitchenAid TSV Preview & Review - September 2017

KitchenAid Countertop Convection Oven

This is a review of QVC's Today's Special Value (TSV) that will air on the 24th of this month. You can preorder it now with item number K46355. It's offered for $99.96 or 5 monthly payments of $19.99 plus shipping and handling of $7.50. It comes in black, cobalt blue, silver and gloss cinnamon. After North Carolina tax and shipping, my purchase price was $114.95. I ordered on the 16th of August and it said "advance order" with an estimated delivery date of September 28th. It shipped on the 19th of August instead. Since it shipped from California instead of the east coast it took longer than most of my orders, so it arrived on the 25th. It's currently indicating that it's in stock. I purchased the cinnamon color since the rest of my KitchenAid appliances are that color along with some other appliances. We have an open concept home and our paint color in the dining room is burgundy and in the kitchen it's yellow, so I really like having the appliances match closely to our burgundy walls. We were disappointed to see that the only cinnamon painted surface on the oven is the front of the toaster, the rest is silver. Months ago our old toaster oven started burning since there was a hole on one of the elements. Thankfully, Hubby was able to put out the fire. I was sleeping at the time, so I didn't witness it. But that's just a reminder to us all that you need to supervise any appliance when it's in use. I've been really missing our toaster oven since we live in the south and the majority of the months it's hot and turning on the large oven heats up the kitchen. Then the air conditioning has to work harder which costs more money. We were in the process of relocating back to our other house, so I put off buying a replacement toaster oven since it would be just another item to pack and move. When I heard that QVC was having a toaster oven as a TSV and it was in that hard to find cinnamon color I preordered it right away. Not to mention the price of $99.96 is pretty good for a toaster oven and really good for a large toaster oven. This one will allow you to cook much larger dishes than your traditional toaster oven. I've really been enjoying that aspect of it. I home cook for our four dogs, so this is prefect for cooking their chicken and fish without the dread of turning on the regular oven and heating up the house. My first impression was the noise of the timer was annoying. I do not like that sound! I figured out that you don't have to use the timer to turn the oven on and that I don't hear it if I'm in the living room. If I'm remaining in the kitchen I use my regular oven's timer instead. It's the same sound those little hand crank timers make. The first thing I cooked in the oven were croissants. They baked perfectly on the included pizza pan with foil:

They baked evenly which my twelve year old oven tends to over cook the bottoms. The pie pan measures 12" on the top edge, but the bottom is only about 11". You may have to trim your pizza's edge or flip the pan over and place the pizza on the bottom. Hubby had taken time off work shorty after it arrived, so he was using it more than I was at first. He found it took a bit of trial and error to get the right setting for toasting bread. I also baked a tray of frozen Stouffers Grandma's Chicken & Vegetable on the rectangular tray that comes with the oven.  It takes eighty-five minutes to cook and it's still hot here in the south, so I really didn't want to use my regular oven! After about seventy-five minutes it was turning the top too dark, so I turned it down 375° to 350° and cooked it an additional seven minutes. It turned out pretty good. The oven also comes with a rack for broiling, two oven racks and a crumb tray for the bottom of the oven. The crumb tray isn't an exact fit, so some crumbs land on the left and right sides. There are two oven racks, but if you flip them over then you have four different shelf levels. The lowest level accommodates an entire chicken! The oven also has a slow cook function I have yet to learn about. I'll be watching the presentation on the 24th to learn more. It comes with a little instruction booklet, but I prefer video instructions. 

In conclusion, at first I was ready to ship this oven back to QVC since I found the timer's noise annoying and it takes up more space on the counter than your standard toaster oven. Hubby also wanted to send it back for that reason and because he was having issues figuring out which setting to use when toasting bread. Then after baking and toasting over a couple of weeks, I found that I am appreciating that I can cook larger items in it so it's more useful. The low price and the cinnamon color are two other reasons we are keeping it. If you have limited counter space and you're not planning on using it for larger items, I'd say it's not for you. If you want to use it for most of your baking and toasting and you don't want to spend a lot of money, I'd say go ahead and purchase it. So what do you think, are you going to purchase this one or did you find a different toaster oven you like better?

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