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Blue Apron Subscription Box Review - Part 10, 11 & 12

Ingredients for Tom Yum Style Shrimp & Noodles with Gai Lan & Thai Basil

Recipe Results 

Ingredients for Corned Beef Spiced Flank Steaks with Braised Cabbage & Buttered Red Potatoes (sent purple potatoes instead)

Recipe Results

Ingredients for Turkey Chili with Avocado & Cheddar Cheese

Recipe Results

This is a review of the forth Blue Apron box we have received. This was an especially enjoyable box! We loved all three recipes with the Tom Yum Shrimp winning first place followed by the Turkey Chili then third place for the Corned Beef Spiced Flank Steaks.

Tom Yum Style Shrimp & Noodles with Gai Lan & Thai Basil

Thankfully, Blue Apron used four ice bricks in this shipment, so the shrimp was still partially frozen when it arrived. We made it the same day it arrived to ensure that the shrimp was safe to eat. I've been craving shrimp for months so I eat it every chance I get. This dish had a very similar taste to Plated's Thai Coconut Khao Soi with Chicken & Crispy Noodles recipe. That recipe wins over this one but just barely. I would have preferred to receive the canned coconut milk rather than the dry powered version they sent. Maybe that's why the Plated dish wins over this one. We had never had Tom Yum noodles before and they had a wonderful texture and absorbed all of the flavors around them. This dish was so delicious and worth making again which I plan to do if I can find all the ingredients locally. Awesome dish!  This Tom Yum dish was yum, yum in tum tum!

Corned Beef Spiced Flank Steaks with Braised Cabbage & Buttered Red Potatoes

Blue Apron mistakenly sent us purple potatoes instead of red ones for this dish. While the purple ones were enjoyable, the red ones would have been better for this dish. They didn't hold up very well during the cooking process. The spices that came with this dish smelled so good I couldn't wait to make it! It made all the difference to the taste of the steak. I only ate half of the cabbage since I was worried about my stomach being upset. It had a pickled flavor which I love but not something my stomach likes. I have to be very careful when it comes to eating anything with vinegar in it and limit my portion or skip it entirely. This dish is worth repeating but I'm not sure of the measurements of the spices since Blue Apron doesn't tell us and that's what made this dish so delicious.

Turkey Chili with Avocado & Cheddar Cheese

Shockingly by the time we opened the bag of ingredients for this recipe, only three days after it arrived, the cilantro & celery had wilted horribly. Thankfully, we happened to have some cilantro & celery in our fridge that we had bought previously or that would have meant an extra trip to the store. I'm not a fan of chili, but since it's one of Hubby's favorites I thought I'd give it a try anyway. Wow, this dish makes me a fan of chili! This recipe is a winner! Hubby said he didn't even mind it including turkey instead of ground beef. The only thing I would change is to add some more cheese and perhaps even layer it with one scoop of chili, sprinkle some cheese, add another scoop of chili and then more cheese. This is a dish definatley worth repeating. Hubby added more spice to it since we like dishes quite spicy. He added some crushed red pepper and more chili powder & cumin. 

Well there you have it my review for the week. It was an especially yummy week of recipes from Blue Apron which made us very happy. 

Here's what will be arriving this week on our doorstep:

Roasted Salmon, Fennel & Castelvetrano Olives with Cara Cara Orange, Farro & Salsa Verde
Short Rib Burgers on Pretzel Buns with Hoppy Cheddar Sauce & Roasted Sweet Potato Rounds
Spicy Thai Chicken Noodle Soup with Red Curry & Mushrooms

We are especially excited to try the Short Rib Burgers. Two of the reasons I don't eat ribs are because of the bones and the messy sauce, so this recipe is the perfect solution to that problem. We are also excited to try the Thai Chicken Noodle Soup due to the use of red curry. We love curry!

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