Thursday, March 12, 2015

Blue Apron Food Subscription Box Review - Part 4

Ingredients for Za'atar-Spiced Steaks with Rutabaga-Barberry Tabbouleh & Labneh Cheese

Recipe Results

This is a review of a food subscription box called Blue Apron. This is the fourth recipe we have tried and it's from our second shipment. We have never tried bulgur, labneh cheese, pomegranate molasses, dried barberries nor Za'atar spices before so this is an exciting recipe for us to try. We also love rutabaga aka turnip. It is my favorite vegetable when boiled and mashed with butter. So incredibly delicious! If you have never tried that root before, you must! Hubby made this one alone since I fell asleep due to the extreme temperature change we had from below freezing to the mid 60's. Anyone else effected by extreme weather changes? Anyway, the steak was really good, but the rutabaga should have been boiled instead of cooked in a pan, so it wasn't soft enough and lacked flavor, the incredible flavor it normally has when cooked properly. The dip made with the cheese was very good, but sour. Neither or us cared for the bulgar. Hubby found the berries tart, but I liked them. We used much less lemon zest because the last dish Blue Apron used zest in we both found it overwhelmed the dish with that flavor. This one was a disappointment and while we both finished off the steak, we had loads of the rest sitting on our plate as we left the table. At this point I'm going to be more picky about Blue Apron and skip a week if I don't see a majority of interesting dishes. That's the problem with this subscription, there are only three non vegetarian dishes and only three vegetarian dishes and you must purchase three per week. So really there are so few choices compared to Plated which we love. The only benefit to Blue Apron is it's less expensive by $2 per dish, but if you aren't eating all of your food on your plate then, off to Plated we go!

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I also reviewed Plated & Hello Fresh subscription boxes. Have you tried one of these food subscription boxes or are you thinking about trying one? 

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