Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Blue Apron Subscription Box Review - Part 3

Ingredients for the Chicken & Sage Biscuit Pot Pie Recipe

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This is a review of the Chicken & Sage Biscuit Pot Pie recipe from a subscription box called Blue Apron. This is the third Blue Apron recipe Hubby & I have cooked. We really liked this dish, so much so that we plan to make it again soon. This recipe is the most time consuming of those we have tired so far, so I'd recommend making it on your day off. You could do the prep work of washing the produce and chopping it prior, if you wanted to make it on a workday. The recipe stated it would take about forty-five minutes, but for us it took longer than an hour. The part that I wasn't crazy about was the biscuit mix they included. Next time, we will use Bisquick mix, organic milk & Irish butter. I also think that a wash of garlic powder, melted butter & dried parsley brushed on top of the biscuits would be a nice touch. Sage has a nice flavor, but I think the biscuits would taste better with fresh rosemary instead. I'd also suggest cooking the celery last, so it's not so soft. I was nervous when it called for an entire onion since it looked like too much. So I was happy to see the onion cooked down quite a bit. I'd suggest cooking only half the onion in the beginning and adding the other half when baking so it doesn't lose so much of it's flavor. I also plan to use yellow turnip (aka rutabaga) instead of white turnip, since it has more flavor. In addition, next time I think we'll add some peas. The gravy had the perfect consistency, not too thick nor too thin. Though the gravy needs lots of black pepper, so be generous with it or add another spice to liven it up. The baking time needed to be extended about three minutes. This recipe made about two and a half servings and it was delicious. 

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I will also be posting a review on our second box from Plated and our first Hello Fresh box, so stay tuned. Have you tried one of these food subscription boxes or are you thinking about trying one? 

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