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Grand Opening PokéGo Restaurant Review - Raleigh, NC

8107 Creedmoor Road
Raleigh, NC  27613
(984) 200-2990

Exterior View

Interior Decor


Poke Selections - Base, Proteins, Mix-Ins

Poke Selections - Toppings

PokéGo Your Way, My Selections - $13.00

PokéGo Your Way, Hubby's Selections - $13.00

This is a review of a brand new restaurant that opened in Raleigh, North Carolina called PokéGo. It's located in the Brennan Station shopping center on Creedmoor Road not far from the 540 Creedmoor Road exit. When I was searching for a new restaurant for us to try I was shocked to find out that a new Poké restaurant had just opened. I absolutely love poké, so I was anxious to get there and try it out right away. They are open from 11 am to 9 pm everyday. We arrived last Saturday around 4 pm. There were only a couple of other customers during our visit. Hopefully the word will get out and they will have more customers or perhaps they are busier at other times of the day.

As shown above, the menu is limited. You can chose from five signature bowls, four noodle dishes or you can chose what you want in your Poké Bowl. They also have edamame, wonton soup and mochi ice cream. Hubby and I both chose the PokéGo Your Way selection. It's like Chipotle, where you tell them what you want while they place everything in your bowl for you. There are six parts to chose from. For part 1, the base, I started with a layer of zucchini noodles. You can also chose from steamed rice, brown rice, sushi rice or mixed greens. For part 2, you chose your proteins. They use a mini scooper for the poké, so I decided I would need three scoops and ordered the "three proteins". I chose two salmon and one ahi tuna. You can also chose from yellowtail, shrimp, chicken or tofu. I had to stop the teenage employee from putting the yellowtail in my bowl when I asked for tuna. Part three is the mix-ins. I was told I could only pick two, so I picked green onions and jalapeños. You can also chose from cilantro, edamame, red onions, sweet onions or sesame seeds. For part 4, the sauces, I chose PokeGo Sauce after asking what it tasted like and being given a sample. It's scrumptious! You can also chose from miso, sriracha aioli, citrus ponzu, classic or sesame soy. For part 5, the toppings, I chose cucumbers and masago (salmon roe). You can also chose from orange slices, shiitake mushrooms, kim chi, seaweed salad, ginger, kani salad or mango. For part 6, crunch, I chose shredded nori (seaweed sheets). You can also chose from garlic crisps, wasabi peas, onions crisps and wonton strips. I also chose a scoop of avocado, but it's not listed on the menu. As shown above, you can see that my bowl wasn't close to being full. I really wish I had been given more zucchini noodles. My poké bowl was absolutely scrumptious, but it wasn't very filling. Hubby's server was more generous as you can see in the above photo, his bowl was fuller than mine. Hubby chose zucchini noodles, tuna, salmon, shrimp, green onions, jalapeño, cilantro, sriracha aioli and ginger. He was given only three shrimp. He really enjoyed his Poké Bowl too, but was also disappointed he didn't get more zucchini noodles, so that it would have been a full bowl. Perhaps, if you order rice as your base you would have a full bowl. The employees weren't consistent, while I was told I could have only two mix-ins, Hubby was offered three. He was also given more noodles. While I understand limiting the expensive items like poké, I don't see why they limited the quantity of the less expensive ingredients. At $13.00 we expected the bowl to be full and to leave with full bellies. Two proteins costs $10.50. The soft drinks are self serve. 

While we loved the taste of the food, we felt we didn't get our money's worth, left not feeling full and were eating again in only three hours. If we lived closer, I would give them another try and hope that they would be more generous. If they were, I would be a frequent customer since it's so tasty and healthy. What's your favorite Asian restaurant in the Triangle? If you know of another restaurant that serves poké in the Triangle, please comment below!

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