Thursday, June 1, 2017

Kanki Japanese House of Steaks & Sushi Review - Raleigh, NC

4500 Old Wake Forest Road
Raleigh, NC  27609
(919) 876-4157

Exterior View

Interior View


Mushrooms, Zucchini & Onions

Steak Medium Rare & Rice with White Sauce - $12.95


This is a review of a restaurant called Kanki Japanese House of Steaks & Sushi. They have three locations in the Triangle and this review is for the one located in Raleigh. I have been to all three locations many times and they are all enjoyable. The one in Durham is my favorite due to the decor and that it's in a free standing building. For this visit we arrived at 1 pm last Monday. They are open for lunch Monday thru Friday from 11:30 am to 2 pm and on Saturday and Sunday they open at noon and close at 3 pm. For their dinner hours I recommend making reservations since you will likely be waiting a long time for a table otherwise. We were pleasantly surprised to see that this location had been renovated. The floors are now tiled and the carpet is gone which makes it more sanitary. Speaking of sanitary, their sanitation grade is currently 98.5 which is excellent. They also added some stone to the walls, the new "Kanki" sign and new granite on the tables around the grills. It has a brighter and cleaner appearance now. The center of the restaurant looks the same, perhaps they didn't renovate anything in that area. We had to wait five minutes to be seated.

About ten minutes after we were seated we were served our drinks and soup. I prefer miso soup over the soup made with chicken broth, mushrooms and scallions that we were served. They offer your choice of salad or soup. I ordered the Hibachi Steak for $12.95 and Hubby ordered the Hibachi Chicken for $9.50. At dinner time the prices go up to $21.95 for Steak and $16.95 for Chicken, so it's a bargain at lunchtime and it's usually less crowded. We had to wait twenty minutes for our chef to show up. Normally it's not that long of a wait. Our chef started cooking the mushrooms, onions and zucchini and served them. Then he cooked the rice and served that. Lastly, he cooked the steak, chicken and shrimp. He started a fire twice, but it was a simple drop of the starter fluid and lit with a match. He didn't do the volcano show that we love. The chef behind him did that show. We find it's hit and miss when it comes to getting a very entertaining chef at this location. We had the chef behind him previously and he puts on a much more entertaining show with many tricks throughout. Our friendly waiter, David, was excellent. Our drinks were refilled promptly and he was very attentive and always asking if we needed anything else. Sometimes the wait staff goes missing for awhile, but David was never gone for any long periods of time which we appreciated. We were there for an hour and twenty minutes. Normally we can get in and out in about an hour. No apologies were made for the long wait for the chef. I'm not sure if they were short staffed that day or this is the new norm for them since we haven't been to this location for several years due to relocation.

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  1. the price was reasonable, and the steak with rice was wonderfull presentation , that make me starving


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