Monday, August 8, 2016

Mozzarella Fellas Restaurant Review - Winston Salem, NC

336 Summit Square Boulevard
Winston Salem, NC  27105
(336) 377-7179

Interior Decor

Salsiccia e Spinaci Ravioli - $11

Fellas Philly - $9

This is a review of an Italian restaurant called Mozzarella Fellas located in Winston Salem, North Carolina. It's located near Sam's Club off University Parkway. It just opened this year in April. We visited last Sunday around 5:30 pm. Their posted sanitation grade was 96%, which is very good. When we entered we weren't sure if we were suppose to seat ourselves or wait for a hostess. After a minute, a waitress escorted us to a table. At the front they were very busy filling carry out pizza orders. There were quite a few empty tables. The dining room features tables and chairs with no cushions. There is a bench against the wall on the right side going all the way down it and no booths. The decor is nice especially the unique light fixtures that are made with mason jars filled with flickering strung white lights.

We were given menus and asked what we wanted to drink. Our beverages came out shortly thereafter in mason jars. I decided to order the ravioli and Hubby decided on the Fellas Philly. It was a bit confusing with the waitresses since three of them were tending to our table and we were asked a couple of questions twice as a result. I don't mind other staff helping out by refilling drinks or bringing the food to the table, but I do mind when they are so unorganized that I'm asked the same question twice. While they were very friendly, we still found it annoying. Our food was brought out ten minutes later. The Salsiccia e Spinaci Ravioli is described as "stuffed with a four cheese blend, mild Italian sausage topped with marinara sauce". The waitress told me they make their own pasta, so I was quite excited about it. In addition, after reading such good reviews I was shocked to find the pasta tough and the filling inside very dry. I couldn't taste any sausage nor could I see any when I cut the ravioli open. The stuffing was quite skippy. It was a really disappointing meal and it wasn't filling. The bread was plain, it was not traditional garlic bread and it wasn't even warmed up! When I read on the menu that the pasta dishes come with bread, I expected a garlic bread basket not three tiny pieces of bread that had no flavor whatsoever. There were only six pieces of ravioli and for eleven dollars I expected more. It was a lunch sized portion with no leftovers. I had never been to an Italian restaurant and not had leftovers before this experience. The lack of a bread basket and salad just added to the disappointment. It's an additional two dollars for a small house salad which their competition serves at no additional charge. The Fellas Philly is described as "sliced tender steak, mushrooms, bell peppers, picked red onions, mayo, mozzarella". As you can see by the above photo there isn't much mozzarella on it and it's a small sandwich compared to what Hubby is normally served at an Italian restaurant. Hubby commented that the steak in the sandwich was good, but that was about it. The house made chips weren't all crisp and there weren't many of them. They came with ranch dressing for dipping. Again, it was a lunch sized portion and it was served on a small pizza pan. The majority of dining customers were ordering pizza, so perhaps that is what is worth ordering. Due to our disappoint we aren't willing to take that gamble, so we will not be visiting again. All of the staff was very young and there was no sign of any management around which may be the reason the ravioli and chips weren't cooked properly. What's your favorite restaurant in the Triad?

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