Monday, December 9, 2013

Julep Maven - December 2013

The Glitterati Collection

This is a monthly subscription box from Julep for the month of December.  My style is Classic with a Twist, but often I chose the It Girl box instead because it includes three polishes instead of two and a beauty product. Included in the box above are the following:
  1. Shoshanna - full coverage yellow holographic glitter polish, $14 retail value
  2. Evelyn - magenta purple crème
  3. Celia - icy green metallic
  4. Joelle - full coverage smoky holographic glitter, Boho Glam, add on
  5. Twistband - two hair bands, free extra
Normally this box would have cost me $19.99 plus $4.99 for the add on polish for a total of $24.98 with free shipping.  The retail value of this box is $56. This one was free since I had referral and purchase credits of 2,750 Jules.  One maven box purchase gives you 300 Jules.  One referral credit gives you 1,000 Jules.  A free box requires 2,000 Jules and 750 for each add on.

I was almost going to skip this box because the swatches weren't all that great as usual.  I really wish they had better quality swatches! I'm glad I did not skip because the holographic polishes are amazing in person. Actually my picture above is better than the ones they provided!  Look at the reflection of the rainbow of colors in the holographic polishes above!  As you move them in the light they are so reflective & colorful and they look like they are lit from behind!  I really look forward to trying them soon.  Stay tuned for a manicure post featuring one of them shortly!

Update - the gold holographic polish, Shoshanna, is very gloppy, thick and a bit tricky to apply. It takes three coats to be opaque. I just did my manicure with it today and it took half the bottle!  I'll be posting a picture of it soon.  Notice how it reflects like tree lights on to the magenta polish next to it!  The magenta polish, Evelyn, is very thin and runs off the brush quickly. The green polish, Celia, is ok and has some silver in it which you can see in the swatch below.  The silver holographic polish, Joelle, has a pretty good consistency, but isn't as holographic & reflective as the gold version, Shoshanna. It will also require three coats to be opaque. Take a look at the swatches below, which have two coats and no top coat:

Swatches of:  Shoshanna, Evelyn, Celia & Joelle  

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