Saturday, September 29, 2012

Blissmo Box - September 2012

Lunchbox Snacks:

Contents of box:

This is a monthly sample subscription from Blissmo Box for $24.95 a month ($19 + $5.95 s/h).  This month I chose Lunchbox Snacks.  The other options were Skin 'n Hair Care or Pristine & Clean.  Included in this box were:
  1. Fruit Bliss - soft dried figs
  2. Lucy's - chocolate chip cookies
  3. Plentils - chips made from lentils
  4. Fiona's Natural Foods - granola
  5. Peter Rabbit Organics - strawberry & banana 
  6. Nature Crops - guinoa granola bar
  7. SunRidge Farms - seasame sticks
  8. Artisan - jerky 
I wasn't fond of this box.  Hubby enjoyed the jerky & the figs.  The cookies were bland.  I would say this has been my least favorite box from Blissmo.  My favorite was Doggie Delights.  I'm hoping the next one is better, I chose Fair Trade Favorites.  Stay tuned for a review on that box.  I am still waiting for a replacement of the missing granola that was suppose to be in my August box.  If I don't enjoy the next box and don't receive the missing granola, I'll be taking a break from this service.

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If you would like to subscribe to this monthly sample subscription service, click here.

Did you receive a Blissmo box lately?  I'd love to hear about the box you received, so please leave a comment below!  

Have a PEACEful Day!


  1. yes got fair trdae box from green montain free now waiting for my first box now.loved the fair trade box.


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