Thursday, July 12, 2012

blissmo Box- July 2012

Splendid Spa & Relaxation 
blissmo Box

Outside of box:
 Inside of box:
 Contents of box:
 Level Naturals shower bombs close up:
 Olive Remedy Cuticle Cream:
 Nail Rescue:
 Dream Water:
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This is my second Blissmo box, last month was a box for my dogs and my four dogs loved it, read the review here. Blissmo box is a monthly subscription which you chose each month what type of box you would like sent from a selection of three types of boxes for $19.  Last month the dog box was available and my dogs love getting presents in the mail, so that was a no brainer.  I hope they do another one in the future, since it was a wonderful box.  This month that wasn't one of the choices, so I chose the spa & relaxation box.  In this box I received the following:
  1. Levels Naturals - shower bomb
  2. Scents by Eilena - nail treatment
  3. Hello Mellow - sage & grapefruit spray
  4. Choice Organic Teas - Earl Grey with lavender blossoms
  5. Dream Water - drink that helps you sleep
  6. Olive Remedy - cuticle cream
I tried the shower bomb yesterday and it was a lovely scent of menthol and eucalyptus which reminds me of the Vicks shower bombs for when you have a cold.  I really love shower bombs, while they are expensive for everyday use they certainly are a nice treat perhaps once a week or when you are feeling ill.  The Hellow Mellow spray is sage & grapefruit and suppose to be calming.  I'm just not feeling this one as calming.  I find lavender is calming and use a lavender spray on my pillow before bed. I have purchased everything under the sun for insomnia and herbal sprays are just one of the items I have tried.  Dream Water is a drink that helps you sleep and I have tried other brands and find it really does make a difference.  This one doesn't list how much melatonin is in it, wish it did since I know you can take up to 3 mg a night.  It also has 5-htp which is expensive and also helps depression.  The other ingredient is GABA which I'm unfamiliar with and it's sweetened with a natural no calorie sweetener that I highly recommend called Stevia. If you look at what time this was posted that will prove I'm an insomniac!  Sometimes I just chose to go with it, sure is nice and quiet at two in the morning!  I will try the tea tomorrow and update this post with my review.  I love tea, so I look forward to that.  The cuticle & nail treatment are more of a long term use before review, so I'll update after I try them a week or more.  This is one of my favorite new monthly subscription boxes and I look forward to next months box!  Did you receive a blissmo box recently?  Drop me a line about it or do you have insomnia? What products do you find helpful for that?  Let's chat, write a comment below! Thanks for reading and Have a PEACEful Day!

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