Bath & Body Works Fall Candle Haul - November 2018

Fall 3-Wick Candle Haul

I decided to try some new fall candle scents and I snagged an old favorite, Fresh Balsam, for free. They are offering Fresh Balsam with many different labels in their fall and winter line this year. The label above was exclusive for their one day online only free offer. I bought the following candles:
  1. The Great Outdoors - starry nights, sycamore & pine trees and aromatic cedar
  2. Fresh Balsam - woodland balsam, crisp eucalyptus, fir branches, and cedarwood
  3. Cinnamon Bark - cinnamon sticks, clove buds, vanilla bean, and white cedar
  4. Maple Cinnamon Pancakes - nutmeg essential oil with notes of maple syrup & fluffy buttermilk pancakes
  5. Toasted Vanilla Chai - ginger & nutmeg essential oils with notes of cinnamon & clove
  6. Sparkling Woods - lavender & fir needle essential oils with notes of bergamot & iced lemon
Now let me review them for you to help you decide which of these fall candles are right for you. When you hear of one you want to purchase, just click on its name above. Unfortunately, Cinnamon Bark is currently sold out. You may find one in stores or it may be restocked for their Black Friday or Candle Day sale on December 1st. 

The Great Outdoors was chosen by my husband who took it to his home office. I didn't get a chance to enjoy it and he loved it so much he burned it to its end quite quickly. It's a very masculine outdoorsy scent. If you like the smell of pine and cedar and you're a fan of Fresh Balsam odds are you will love this one too. This is a new scent which I hope they bring back next year. 

Fresh Balsam is one that comes back every year and its loved by many. It smells just like a live Christmas tree so it's perfect for those of you who have an artificial tree or if you love the fresh, clean, refreshing scent of a freshly cut pine tree. If you need to quickly get rid of an unpleasant scent in the house reach for this one. It has an excellent throw and you can smell it very quickly after lighting it. I purchase several each year so that I can enjoy them in the hot, humid, stinky summer and it's perfect for Christmas in July. 

Cinnamon Bark is a disappointment and I don't recommend it. It just doesn't have a strong enough cinnamon scent. I highly recommend Holiday instead. It's the absolute perfect candle for those that love the scent of cinnamon. If you fall in love with that one you'll need to stock up soon because last year they didn't bring it back, so those of us who are fans are stocking up now in case next year they don't bring it back again. 

Maple Cinnamon Pancakes is so incredibly yummy! If you love the scent of warm syrup and pancakes this one is for you! It has a very strong scent of syrup with a slight scent of pancakes and it fills the room with its wonderful aroma very quickly. It's a fabulous new scent that I highly recommend. I hope they bring this one back next year also. 

Toasted Vanilla Chai is a disappointment. I was hoping it would smell like a cup of chai tea, but it doesn't. It mostly smells like a smoky vanilla perfume. I can't recommend this one. 

Sparkling Woods' description has everything I love yet I'm not that fond of it. The bergamot perfume scent is mostly what I smell with a bit of lemon. Sadly, the lavender and fir needle scents are missing. My favorite lemon candle is London aka Lemon Tea & Limoncello

I really love the matte finish colored glass of Maple Cinnamon Pancakes, Toasted Vanilla Chai and Sparkling Woods. They look really pretty when the candle is burning and it reduces the glare of the flames. Great Outdoors and Cinnamon Bark are wrapped in a plastic sleeve which is masculine looking so they are perfect for the man in your life. Sometimes candles that don't have colored glass or aren't fully covered in a design aren't as pretty as they burn down to the bottom and they show rings of wax and soot left behind. For that reason, I really prefer these designs. 

The 3-Wick candles are currently on sale for $10 off and the current coupon is for $10 off $30. The next store reset will be on November 19th which will feature some new products including the anticipated Hot Cocoa & Cream Body Care Collection. I'll be trying that one out and I'm hoping it will smell like the matching candle which I love. What's your favorite new candle scent?

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