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Play! by Sephora Subscription Box Review - March 2018

Festival of Beauty

This is a review of a monthly cosmetic subscription box from Sephora for only $10 including shipping. The retail value of my box is $35.35. Included in this month's box were the following products:
  1. Bobby Brown - Illuminating Moisture Bomb, made in Belgium, .17 fl. oz., $11.56 retail value
  2. Amika - Nourishing Hair Mask, made in Israel, .7 fl. oz., $2.30 retail value
  3. Stila - Stay All Day Eyeliner in black, made in Japan, .008 fl. oz., $11.00 retail value
  4. IGK - Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm, made in the USA, .5 fl. oz., $2.90 retail value
  5. SuperGoop - Defense Refresh Setting Mist, made in the USA, .5 fl. oz., $4.11 retail value
  6. Korres - Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser, made in Greece, .68 fl. oz., $3.48 retail value
I think I may have received the Stila eyeliner previously. It has a nice fine point, but I'm not a fan of waterproof eyeliners. As most other subscribers are, I'm a bit tired of receiving black eyeliner in my subscription boxes. I'll give the hair mask a try tonight. It's suppose to repair damaged hair. Usually I don't need to use a hair mask because Wen's cleansing conditioner is so moisturizing. I'm a little confused by the Illuminating Moisture Bomb. It says to use as a moisturizer before applying makeup or after applying skin care. It doesn't say it's a primer, but why would I apply two kinds of moisturizer. I'm a bit tired of cosmetic companies coming up with more steps to do. The ratings are pretty good. I'll try it tomorrow and see how it responds to my makeup. The Korres cleanser is suppose to reduce redness. I enjoy receiving cleansers in my subscription boxes. They are the perfect size for use in the shower. The Hydrating Hair Balm is suppose to reduce frizziness which isn't a problem I have with my straight hair. It says it can be used on wet or dry hair. This one uses coconut oil to smooth the hair. I'm not a fan of finishing sprays, it's just another step that I don't tend to make time for. I really don't like the idea of using one that has SPF. Too many products have SPF now. I only need one product that has SPF, layering them is just crazy and spraying it near my eyes is even crazier. I'm not a fan of the SuperGoop brand. 

Most of this month's samples are free of paraben and sulfates which is nice. I'm happy to see more companies offer products that don't include those dangerous ingredients. I've received twenty-three of these Sephora boxes. The retail value I have received has ranged from $26.41 to $58.57. The last three boxes were under $30, so I'm glad to see this one is over $30, coming in at $35.35. I was wondering if that was the direction Sephora was going in. There is so much competition, so that is really not a good idea. A lot of customers are complaining lately that they aren't happy with their boxes. This month, nothing really excites me in this box, so I am contemplating cancelling. I would have liked to see more makeup and not another eye liner. What's you favorite cosmetic subscription box?

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