Saturday, November 18, 2017

Glass Maltese Ornament from Macy's Holiday Lane

Macy's Maltese Dog Ornament - Christmas 2017

I interrupt your day to put a smile on your face by presenting some extreme cuteness and adorableness to you, see above! Oh my, doesn't he or she just melt your heart?! I'm always on the hunt for anything Maltese, so when I did a search on I found this little cutie and he immediately went into my cart and I proceeded to check out and purchase him. I'll call him male since out of the six Maltese dogs I've had in my life, only one was a female, so I tend to think of dogs as male. Look at that smile on his face and those adorable eyes looking off to the side. I love that when my dogs look at me from the side, it shows the outline of their adorable eyes. My Leo does that a lot and he looks at me with so much love and he smiles at me a lot. I call him my sunshine bear. I digress, back to this precious ornament. He's larger than I would have imagined. He's about double the size of an average ornament. The website says he's 5 1/4 inches. You don't even have to put him on the tree, he stands on his own and looks so wonderful on my coffee table. That's where he went as soon as I took him out of the shipping box. Macy's packed him perfectly, so no damage. Some of the sequins fell off, but that's to be expected. None of the sequins have fallen off since he arrived. He has some wonderfully reflective glitter and a metallic finish. The white is a bit pearlized. In dim light he shines the most. I'm in love with him. Today he is selling for only $8.49 with the "score" coupon. I purchased him for $4 more, so when his price went down I called customer service and they gave me a $4 credit. His web number is 4803239. He's part of the Holiday Pet Collection. The other offerings are a English Bulldog, a French Bulldog, a Poodle, a Dachshund, a Beagle, a yellow Lab and the famous Grumpy Cat.

What's your favorite breed? My favorite is Maltese. What breeds have you had the pleasure of being part of your family? I have had two West Highland White Terriers, one Scottish Terrier, two Shih-Tzus and six Maltese. I currently reside with two elderly Shih-Tzus, Isabella and Harvey, who are fourteen. Our Maltese Teddy died a year ago of a deadly autoimmune blood disease. Leo, a Maltese, is my baby, he's nine. We recently added Jack, a Maltese, to our family. Maltese dogs are like potato chips, you can't have just one. The four of them keep me quite busy since they are all demanding and I do the grooming. Hubby helps with the bathing. 

I sure am hoping you have a Merry Christmas. If you haven't already, check out my Pinterest Make Me Happy Board. This is a board I look at to cheer me up and this little Maltese ornament will be added there. What cheers you up or makes you smile when you are down? Don't forget to enter my latest giveaway and follow and like my Facebook page before you go.

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