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QVC's Julep TSV Preview & Review - August 2017

Julep's Super Size Oxygen Nail Treatment Kit - TSV on August 15th

This is a preview and review of the Julep Today's Special Value (TSV) that will air next Monday night at midnight eastern time on QVC. It will air again on Tuesday, August 15th at 3 am, 7 am, 9 am, noon, 3 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm and 10 pm. If it sells out then some of the later airings would be cancelled, so tune in early. On Directv tune to channel 70 or 317. You can preorder it now with item number A300239 or for auto delivery item number A300639It's only $39.98 or 2 easy payments of $19.99. The item number on the 15th will be A287571. QVC is offering it in 3 payments & free s/h until evening of 8/12. They changed it to 3 payments for the air date. Included in the TSV are the following products:
  1. Take a Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment in Sheer Pink, .74 fl. oz. (normal size is .27 fl. oz.), $49.33 retail value
  2. Take a Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment in Sheer Ivory, .74 fl. oz., $49.33 retail value
  3. Be Strong Oxygen Nail Therapy.74 fl. oz., $49.33 retail value
  4. Roll With It Essential Cuticle Oil, .28 fl. oz., $18.00 retail value
  5. Crystal Nail File, $10 retail value
  6. Purple Cosmetic Bag with zipper, 8" x 5"
  7. Brochure explaining how the products work and directions
The retail value of this kit is $175.99 not including the cosmetic bag, bargain!  Just one product almost pays for this kit! So it's like you are getting the five other items for free! Here's what two coats of the Take a Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment in Sheer Pink looks like on my nails:

Julep's Take a Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment in Sheer Pink

I really like how it looks like a French manicure without all the frustration of trying to paint the tips white. It would be perfect for a wedding or for those that aren't allowed to wear bright nail polishes at work. Also, it would be perfect for an interview since it's a classic well polished look. In addition, it would be perfect for those that aren't very good at painting their nails or young girls because it's very forgiving and easy to apply. It received a 2016 Allure Best of Beauty Award and it's a best seller. It's 5 Free, so it's free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde, resin and camphor. It's sulfate free, paraben free and cruelty free. The nutrient rich formula includes nail boosting Hexanal, anti-aging plant cells and a protective UV filter. Plus:
  • It encourages strong, healthy growth with less peeling 
  • It's innovative Oxygen Technology improves oxygen permeability allowing nail beds to breathe
  • It's sheer tint gives the look of a classic manicure
I found it goes on a bit thin, so make sure you don't put too much polish on your brush and apply two coats. Testers found that it reduces peeling in one day, treats thin, weak nails after 7 days and conditions, strengthens and hardens nails after 14 days. One of my tips on my The Secret to Long Natural Nails blog post is to keep nail polish on your nails at all times. For those that prefer to wear mostly bright nail polishes, this would be perfect for when you are in between polishes. It takes less time to apply than bright nail colors, so you have no excuse to keep your nails protected at all times.

The Be Strong Oxygen Nail Therapy is a condition treatment and base coat that strengthens nails with five botanical oils and Oxygen Technology. Plus it features:
  • Pistacia resin that strengthens and heals damaged nails
  • Hexanal which hardens nails
  • Botanical extracts that fight breakage
  • Oxygen Technology that lets nails breathe
Apply two coats to nails twice a week. If using as a basecoat, apply one coat and follow with nail color. It works with Julep's Color That Treats nail polish, so it allows your nails to breathe. Testers found it provided a bright & glossy look, made their nails feel stronger and helped protect thin, weak nails after 14 days. 

The Roll With It Essential Cuticle Oil is an all natural blend of essential oils and Vitamin E. It's so easy apply, just roll it on. It smells so good and it's great for travel since it's leak free. The Crystal Nail File is wonderful. I've been using a glass nail file for many years now and I won't use anything else. It's the safest type of file to use on your nails to prevent damage. I recently bought another brand and it wouldn't file down my nails, it was awful. Julep's file is high quality so it files down the nails quickly and leaves a clean, sharp edge. I recommend it and it's a pretty lilac color.

Auto Delivery will include two more shipments which will be in December and April and they are at a 10% discount! In December Take a Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment will be in the color Sheer Orchid instead of Sheer Ivory. I'll be wanting to get my hands on that one, pretty! Instead of the cuticle oil you'll receive a 10 pack of the Clean Slate Polish Remover Parkette Kit.  In April instead of the Sheer Ivory Take a Breather Oxygen Nail Treatment you'll receive Sheer Pearl. Also, instead of the cuticle oil you'll receive Your Cuticles Look Thirsty Fast Absorbing Cuticle Crème. Everything else will be the same. You'll find the cuticle oil will last a very long time, so you don't need it in the 2nd shipment anyway.

Well there you have it, my review of Julep's very first TSV. I'm so grateful to Julep for generously sending this to me early so I could review it for you in advance of it airing. It's a fun kit at a great price and it would make a wonderful gift. So what do you think, are you going to snag one for yourself or give as a gift? If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. If you haven't tried Julep's subscription box yet, I highly recommend you give it a try, coupon link below. I have reviewed several of their boxes on this blog and I've been a Maven (member) for many years.

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  1. Do you know what is in either the Julep Equinox or the Solstice Mystery boxes? Not sure which to order? Thanks

    1. The Equinox box has fall colors and the Solstice box has summer colors and each has a value of $100 for $24.99. Solstice "includes summer-inspired beauty & nail surprises to let you live in summer bliss year-round". Equinox "includes fall-inspired beauty & nail surprises to let you indulge in autumnal bliss year-round". If you prefer dark colors pick Equinox and if you prefer bright summer colors pick Solstice. Most people are happy with what they receive in these boxes due to the incredible value. If there is anything you don't like you can find a swap group and swap with someone. That's what I've done in the past.


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